The Fall of Oriath: More Information about the Beta

Cheers for the info guys, you must be flat out and under a lot of stress so thanks even more :)
We start giving out keys randomly each day in waves.

What are the parameters of these random keys?
Any news on Xbox one beta as you haven't gave us any update on how game is progressing or how to gain access is it even happening or have talks with Microsoft broke down an answer would be great
will console beta be ready when pc beta is released?
is there somewhere that lists our lifetime spending? I have bought a bunch of packs over the past 5 years but upgraded them progressively mostly so I'm really not sure how much I've spent.
Is the Pantheon System included in the Beta?

Yes. We are also currently working on the mechanic where you can capture the souls of map bosses, and expect to have that ready very early in Beta.

Soul Capture?! Dofus ftw

Need Wakfu's Hero System now :D
My wallet is shaking with anticipation on what the new supporter packs will contain, I'm shaking with anticipation for the beta. I can't wait to see the new monsters that might become new endgame viable spectres. :D
PoE players: Our game has a wide diversity of builds.

Also PoE players: The [league mechanic] doesn't need to be nerfed, you just need to play a [current meta] build!

Betrayal was the best league we had since Legacy. The reward agency is something this game needs, and will be sorely missed.
So Close :-)
It's good to hear some news about the beta. That's pretty good.

So, there's one question I still haven't gotten a clear answer to. For doing Uber lab in the beta, do we still require Offerings to the Goddess now that we're accessing it directly from Aspirant's Plaza?
One other thing that I would ask is for you to be very specific in what you are looking for feedback on. Are you mainly concerned with ensuring a smooth levelling curve through the new acts, or are you mainly looking for feedback about endgame map balance? Or both equally?

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