The Fall of Oriath: More Information about the Beta

any chance of purchasing the hardcover art book lonely?

I am to buy the smallest support pack as usual but definitely dont want to miss the book in my shelf.
What about alpha player?
I guess nothing..?
This is getting bigger... and im not talking about the fall of oriath or the game, maybe the expansion ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Wasn't there supposed to be a patch?
Will there be any news about the beta on Xbox? I know there was talk that the Xbox beta would be running with the pc beta. I mostly am just looking for some kind of hard date anoucment :P
Didnt spend 5 hunnid so likely no beta access this run ( awakening was fun) but hopefully some streamer I like will be showcasing it.
Coooooonsole infos *sniff"
Who Are We? Where do we come from?
Amazing! Can`t wait to buy the new juicy supporter packs.
Sexcalibure wrote:


Am i understanding right that Beta keys are granted at the same time as the beta goes live?

not previously?

Yes, i think the only ones that will have acces to the beta before the random waves of beta keys are the supporters and people that buy the key

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