The Fall of Oriath: More Information about the Beta

super hype


Am i understanding right that Beta keys are granted at the same time as the beta goes live?

not previously?
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so its beta and we cant play the rest acts yet.

i want to know do we have full labs?

if no the scion will be very useless without ascendancy.
Will there be a beta loot filter update? I make my own filter and am always updating it.

Also, uhh... whats

Is the Pantheon System included in the Beta?

Yes. We are also currently working on the mechanic where you can capture the souls of map bosses, and expect to have that ready very early in Beta.

that mean?? Capturing Map bosses souls???
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$500 lifetime? Sounds great.
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let's do this
Can't wait to try it out and get my hands on the new packs!
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