The Fall of Oriath: More Information about the Beta

Pizzarugi wrote:
My wallet is shaking with anticipation on what the new supporter packs will contain, I'm shaking with anticipation for the beta. I can't wait to see the new monsters that might become new endgame viable spectres. :D

Nice money spend here, I count to a few thousands $ and I stop, gz on your insta beta key and your wallet :P

Im poor
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Just out of interest, I'm assuming the Beta includes all the updated mechanics for DoTs/ailments and adjusted damage values for skills such as essence drain which no longer double dip?
and most important question is when can ppl without $400 spend buy a beta key?
Hellus666 wrote:

Nice money spend here, I count to a few thousands $ and I stop, gz on your insta beta key and your wallet :P

Im poor

Oh, I applaud the decision to grant previous supporters a Beta key if they have at least 500$ worth spent just because I can't support until the end of July and I would have hated to miss this opportunity to further give some feedback and suggestions.

Damn, my support amounts to >600$, and if the new packs are enticing I'll end up closer to 1000$ faster than I thought possible...

And I'm poor too...
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Very impressed with the news!

Being able to use our MTX and premium stash tabs is awesome - I hadn't been expecting that.
What happens if I am like 400€ in and buy the new pack for 200.
Will I get the Beta key after buying?
God I can't decide if I should play the beta or wait for the final 3.0 instead.
tomtong1995 wrote:
so its beta and we cant play the rest acts yet.

i want to know do we have full labs?

if no the scion will be very useless without ascendancy.

It's mentioned in the previous news that all 4 labs are available in act 3 so since there is no level restriction and the mapping contents are available, it's safe to assume that all labs are available?
I am kinda jelly of all these free testers. People even pay to enjoy bug fests and imbalance.
I'm actually pretty excited by the lack of patch notes for the beta. It'll be a good laugh diving in on the 7th and just floundering wildly as I try to figure out everything that has changed. This will be horrific and awesome at the same time. Gonna feel like a whole new game.
I hope that when the world comes to an end I can breathe a sigh of relief; because there will be so much to look forward to.

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