Development Manifesto: Breach and Legacy as Core Game Mechanics

*shrug* i campaigned for legacy-in-core but if they don't want to go to the effort to balance it, so be it.
There's enough cooking with 3.0 for this to be much of an issue.

that's pretty depressing to hear to be honest, feeling unhyped by the news and looks like i will enjoy legacy as long as it lasts then ...
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I'll miss legacy favourite league so far

Hard to complain about having access to all the leagues ...but I guess they have their reasons. Being confusing to new players doesn't hold water with me though...this game has never been friendly to new players who don't take the time to learn
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CyBeas7 wrote:
There's a simple solution to adding League Stones to the core game without it interrupting the leveling process, and making it a bit easier to manage.

You simply only allow league stones to be used in maps. Also remove the league stone UI and add 3 stone spots on Zana's map device, separate from the normal 4 spots for maps and fragments. With this method league stones wouldn't be able to interrupt the normal leveling process, and with them being activated through the map device it would eliminate the accidental "act" activations. Players would also see which stones are being used each time they insert a map, so that would help the stone management issue quite a bit.

I for one really enjoyed Legacy league, and I loved how it allowed me to make maps even more challenging and rewarding. It will sorely be missed and I hope to see it's return some day.

I really like that solution and will also miss leaguestones! They were a blast, unlike Zana mods. The costs for Zana mods feel way too high as they are balanced against players who can maximize their benefits. It always feels like as a casual player I'm pretty poor and can't remotely afford 2-5c per map for Zana mods. Maps, chisels, and alchs drop, as did leaguestones, but Zana mods don't "drop" so you always have to buy them, which doesn't feel nearly as fun.

I wish the price for Zana mods was based on the map tier, so that white maps have a low cost, yellow a medium, and red a high cost.
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I dont know why legacy stones can not be used in standard, should be able to and it will run out soon or later anyways.

Also I really liked Talisman, and I was glad to see it again
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Regarding Legacy, this was a good decision that was made. I completely support GGG's plan to not bring Leaguestones back as they were a clunky system with a lot of overhead. I'd rather just focus on the NEW elements coming in 3.0 and the new league rather than be distracted by the Leaguestone's mechanics, which I definitely found I was during Legacy.

For Breach, I also think it was a good decision to remove them from leveling since I want to focus on 3.0's new leveling content (at least when it's first released). However, I still think Breaches push the clearspeed meta too much and I would prefer Breach to exist in its own standalone opt-in content as opposed to the generic "It's still in the game... just less." approach GGG took. I don't think they pushed Breach far enough away from mandatory gameplay even if it's just a 10% chance to spawn. Forced clearspeed gameplay* is bad for the game, and GGG even recognized this in past discussions. Why would they just allow it to exist in the same form given it's unhealthy?

* When I say 'forced' I mean in order to play the game the most optimal way.
Sounds good, not a Fan of Breaches, breaking my View of PoE Imersion too much, but fine with a small Spawn Rate in Maps.
Legacy was great, but would be too much for the Core of the Game, hope to see it in a new Iteration at a later Stage (like when we are awiting for 4.0 Beta ;)
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If the plan is to allow access to old content by way of zana.

Please don't overlook talisman.

Also consider how unpopular talisman was even during Legacy when choosing how much Zana should charge for it, and what the exact effects of the mod do.

While this game mode was not the most popular by a stretch, and rigwald doesn't possess any truly coveted drops, his drops certainly enable some unusual builds. And talismans implicits also enable a lot of build variation, even though getting good stats with that implicit is like winning the lottery.
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