Development Manifesto: Breach and Legacy as Core Game Mechanics

Sad about legacy, always hated zana mods...because they came at a cost, and the cost was always chaos orbs...a common trading currency, and crafting currency. For those that hate trading for the obvious reasons nobody needs to explain, or like to play more self found it becomes something we never do, at least not frequently...stones solved that by being a drop, but whatever!
I love legacy leaguestone, but it's broken af. Hope you guys will fix it after 3.0
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It is too bad reliquary keys are going.... The rarity seemed fair considering some items are strong... it offered that next level of investment into a build.
Could you make zana mods have a chance to appear with mods similar to magic leaguestones.

And please, bring more league each season, talisman has been neglected.
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There's a simple solution to adding League Stones to the core game without it interrupting the leveling process, and making it a bit easier to manage.

You simply only allow league stones to be used in maps. Also remove the league stone UI and add 3 stone spots on Zana's map device, separate from the normal 4 spots for maps and fragments. With this method league stones wouldn't be able to interrupt the normal leveling process, and with them being activated through the map device it would eliminate the accidental "act" activations. Players would also see which stones are being used each time they insert a map, so that would help the stone management issue quite a bit.

I for one really enjoyed Legacy league, and I loved how it allowed me to make maps even more challenging and rewarding. It will sorely be missed and I hope to see it's return some day.
*shrug* i campaigned for legacy-in-core but if they don't want to go to the effort to balance it, so be it.

Qarl wrote:
is something we'd like to reserve for special occasions.

GGG gives us lots of reasons for not including Legacy into the core game, but I suspect this is the real main one.

One problem (that they don't mention) is that Legacy, being an amalgamation of years worth of past leagues, is pretty hard to top as a league mechanic, which makes any future temp leagues they release pale in comparison. This is already going to be a problem for older players (the old 'people keep expecting more as your performance goes up' problem). The last thing they need is for the influx on new players coming with 3.0 to see this too. So it's best for them (i.e. GGG) if they don't put it into the base game at all.

On the other hand, Legacy is also the perfect mechanic for short 'special occasions', such as filler periods between leagues or other events. It also can readily update itself with new leaguestones to cover any future temp leagues as well. The last thing GGG would want is to throw away this perfect 'special' mechanic by making it a general feature.

Not putting Legacy into the core game seems bad for players (and is, unless you didn't like it), but it is good from GGG's perspective for much the same reason a lot of balance changes are. Nerfing fun is never fun for us, but it's kinda necessary for the company. :/
Gutted Legacy wont be part of the core game.

Fast losing all interest in 3.0 with the new announcements.
Ascension tied to Lab is the worst thing GGG has done...apart from GGG's philosophy on Trading. Oh and Gambling Loot boxes. And selling out to tencent.

I used to love GGG. I supported to ensure GGG remained independent, now I just wish I could get my money back. -_-
Legacy could be implemented to Standard/Hardcore Permanent leagues... That for sure could give a second life for them =)
Sad to hear about leaguestones not continuing :-(
They were one of the most interesting features yet, since they enabled you to customise your game according to what mood you were in.
*shrug* i campaigned for legacy-in-core but if they don't want to go to the effort to balance it, so be it.

Yeah, I get this choice, but I'm not thrilled about it. I was expecting a more middle-of-the-road kind of response. I foresaw some kind of adjustment to leaguestone mechanics (maybe, can only slot 2 not 3?) and for leaguestones to become uncommon drops (not rare, uncommon).

There were some really crazy ways to amplify quant in maps with clever use of leaguestones, and it left me with some interesting reasons to run maps above t11 that weren't shaped. So, while understandable, too bad.

On the flip side, same statement could be seen as detrimental. There were some really crazy ways to abuse leaguestones and gain much faster access to drops that were intended to be rare. The average player never experienced such a thing just because the best combinations are so damn strange. Well, that kind of thing certainly changes the economy, and maybe ggg's designers decided it wasn't for them.

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