New 3D Art for Supporter Uniques - Work in Progress Preview

Sweet, Rive!
I've always enjoyed that weapon, and it had such a unique look. Glad to see it getting a 3d model.
I like most of them but Allure... that thing looks so small compared to how I imagined it :(
I swear Advancing Fortress already had a 3D art, guess I was wrong :p
Such a shame that Mark of the dubring knight is useless :(
Nice skin transfers
Cameria's Maul Shadow is like :

"Haha see you in 3.0 f**kers - Nice ES chest you got there bro"
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Please give us Cloak of Defiance 3D art... Please?
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Is Mark Of The Doubting Knight a gun-knife? Can I finally be the gun-blade master I've always wanted to be?!
Awesome news!

Would love to see 3D art for these (especially the first two) :

pr13st wrote:
This is some underwhelming news yo. Beta in a week and this shit comes out? Pathetic.

Damn I thought I had finally found a thread with no self-entitled children complaining.

My search continues.

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