New 3D Art for Supporter Uniques - Work in Progress Preview

Good job! Consuming Dark looks LIT!
Balance is an illusion, exile.
Man, I never noticed how punchable a face the Shadow has...

By the way, thanks a lot to whoever created the images. Really appreciate seeing both the static model and seeing it in motion. That looks like someone spent a lot of time on the gifs.
Natalia_GGG wrote:
Since this announcement is basically about 3D art Skin transfers and that Chris said that Mtx system is getting overhauled , can we expect Tweaks on how Skin transfers work?

The initial version of the MTX system contains no changes to Skin Transfers. We'll make those changes later, when we're able to.

Underrated reveal.
COD 3d art when???? NotLikeThis
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Sarno wrote:
Man, I never noticed how punchable a face the Shadow has...

Pretty ballsy of GGG to do this for an announcement, zooming in like that. The models look so painfully beta.

And I was thinking it got improved. o_o Seriously, at least the textures seem to look better.
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UNID guild chim maul tabs ftw
GitGud, GitNerfed, Repeat.
whoaaa, that Rive looks awesome
this one too i hope:
I'll be honest, if you only released 5 acts and made no other changes to double dipping, these 3d skins, cosmetic stash upgrades, and skill gem changes it would be huge but nowhere near as great as adding these smaller features.
Thanks for improving overall quality so this game truly eclipses and innovates past what I even want.

TLDR; The small things are appreciated just as much as the big stuff.
Good to see this shaping up and making uniques look like they should!

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