The Fall of Oriath: Returning Characters in Acts 6-10

Nessa becomes an avatar of the brine king? or its Queen? after she finds and is transformed by merviels necklace. In the brine king fight reveal we see it uses something akin to an anglerfish lure tongue that looks like mermaid nessa before it attacks.

That Fidelitas looks like Gruest , probably transformed by meligaro
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I just realized!!! The cauldron person is DOEDRE, that is all the skin left over! EW
Vesuvius079 wrote:
Mythabril wrote:
If the Godless Three can make a return from the Beast, what are the chances Malakhai and Piety get a come back?

They might retcon the act 4 fights so that they escape somehow. Like how when they added act 4, piety's death animation got replaced with a hand grabbing her.

I've never been convinced those representations of the Godless Three in the beast were real. They seem more like Malachai's dream-memories of them.

Hmm, I see no reason to believe that the Godless Three we kill inside the Beast aren't the actual Maligaro, Doedre and Shavronne.
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Not even a single Piety? Did you fire someone?

All of you talking about nessa... you clearly haven't paid attention to the brine king fight.

rip nessa :(

Oh and GGG ... Make shorter teasers!!

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Poor fish-wife. It was a patch that did this to you.
Shavverone and Brutus/Kole

Who is ??? I cant tell !!

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I'll stick with the Nessa and Fidelitas(Greust) guesses, but as we see this, it looks like some or many of the NPC's were corrupted or transformed into monstrosities (apart from Nessa that is, until she goes 2nd phase on everyone).

Also, that Maligaro kinda have Silk's hair, don't you think?

I wanted to say that "Brutus" is Tarkleigh to follow the trend, but since Shavronne's experiments kind of deform distinguishable features due to steroids, it's quite a mystery whether she used Tark or just revived Brutus.

And to finish on the "Friends turned Bosses" theory, maybe Bestel will come out like a Fairgraves-kind of pirate? Yar'!

lovely keep up the good work guys, u awesome
Lol Doedre is so erotic now ;P

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