The Fall of Oriath: Returning Characters in Acts 6-10

Shavverone and Brutus/Kole

Who is ??? I cant tell !!

I don't think that is Merveil more like Nessa.

??? Probably Doedre
Good stuff.
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Mermaid is awesome. The scorpion lady needs work on her tail though... looks rigid with only 3 points of movement. Looks too techno-punk roleplayish...
why is nessa mermaid wtf
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I_NO wrote:
why is nessa mermaid wtf

Im sure I read something somewhere about Nessa going into Merveil's caves in search of the Star of Wraeclast. I'm guessing the influence of the stone turns her into some sort of Siren.
This explains why some people pointed out in the xbox trailer that they couldn't find Nessa in the Act 1 town (now confirmed act 6 town), it's because Nessa got transformed into a mermaid, huh...
No, that's not right I saved them GGG! I did everything right! ;-;
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In Act Six you'll leave Wraeclast and return to Oriath to face new enemies and witness its fall

Should be the other way around, right?
On one hand it's pretty cool they keep expanding the lore, on the other hand it kinda sucks that everyone and their grandma keeps coming back.
If the Godless Three can make a return from the Beast, what are the chances Malakhai and Piety get a come back?
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