The Fall of Oriath: Returning Characters in Acts 6-10

Please don't be Nessa, please don't be Nessa. Come on, she's not curious enough to go and find something that would turn her into a mermaid.

Seriously, if we have to kill Nessa, I think I might just not play the new acts. I care about story that much.

Just be a restored, uncorrupted Merveil.

Honestly, just give Nessa a happy ending. End of act 10, we return to Lioneye's Watch for her and Tarkleigh's wedding. She deserves it.
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WAAAAAIT A SECOND - isn't that "Fidelitas 2.0"............Greust? O_o Hair color + the arm protectors match. And mermaid has the......bag strap?......Nessa has, so....bummer.

So what, we get at least one NPC per act as an enemy? Then, something HAD to have happened to Grigor :P
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Cool stuff! I am wondering how much will my decisions affect gameplay past act 5. It will be awesome if you could add more decisions with real consequences over time. This is definitely step forward which will help to improve replayability.
My money is ready ! just bring back ES ...

This teaser was really epic. It was just like coming back home and all our family and friends are waiting for you!

How heartbreaking

We Convoke Nebular Dimensions
As Real As The Realms We Ride
With None Above
And None At Side
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Looks like the Godless Three are much bigger players than their brief act 4 appearances might indicate.

They secretly wanted Malachai dead which is why they LET us kill them in Act 4. They just wanted to make sure we were strong enough to kill Malachai. Now Malachai can't control them anymore and they can do what they want.
Shavverone and Brutus/Kole

Who is ??? I cant tell !!

It looks like Doedre after losing some weight.
Grimmhammer wrote:
I_NO wrote:
why is nessa mermaid wtf

Im sure I read something somewhere about Nessa going into Merveil's caves in search of the Star of Wraeclast. I'm guessing the influence of the stone turns her into some sort of Siren.

Also Star was given to Merveil by Daresso as a marriage proposal. Merveil became a monster because of that "wedding amulet".

I believe their love and story was so precious for Nessa, when you kill the Merveil she saying "First, I thought you brave, then a fool for seeking out Merveil. A fool in love with death. Now… I don’t know. The coast is ours, thanks to you. But please, keep one thing in mind for me. What have you become when even nightmares fear you?". A brave fool. A fool le me get my yummy amu.

Edit: Seems like Doedre on an endless menstrual period.
Neden yaşıyorsun?
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blackxthink wrote:
please not the unkillable bish

Who? They're all weak. Lol.
just mermaid others upgraded old bosses

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