Path of Exile and Twitch Prime Set To Partner Up Next Week!

lol cool purple stuff

Well Amazon and Twitch are both US Based companies
That are massive.
Great exposure for PoE

Sooo no doubt peeps will be excluded

Bummer - Im sure trhere will be a Euro only offer in the future for exposure as well
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It`s ultra lame for excluded countries.

GGG so generous by saying that all to some extent "free" stuff now will be buyable in the future(and the cost of twitch prime will not equal to the cost of the great purple stuff) =/
What crisis? I saw that people who can use Twitch Prime would get some free purple MTXes that were below league reward quality and I was like "cool" and if I wasn't going to get them my response would be "oh well". I come on to the forums and see people frothing at the mouth and hurling accusations at GGG. This isn't a crisis, its petulant children acting out.

Seriously I would respect GGG more if they clamped down on this bullshit instead of trying to jump out of their skin and get more giveaways going to appease these degenerates.

I think you need to go to a psychiator.

It's psychiatrist [Removed by Support]
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You lot need to stop crying. It's a bloody effect, doesn't give you anything major in the game, just an effect and you need to sign up for prime anyway. Take about grateful..

Thank you GGG for your efforts.
I don't give a s***.

Twitch treats my country as some 3rd or even 4th world, so i treat twitch the same.
rip Brazil :(
and what about countries that cant have Twitch Prime? :)
"We plan to make these microtransactions available in the store at a later date, so if Twitch Prime hasn't come to your region yet, you'll be able to buy them in the future"

Dear GGG why i have to pay for something what other get for free? Player's form this countries where Twitch Prime is avaible are more valuable for you ?
i was just saying i need purple footprints . ty.
Thanks GGG even tho its kinda not so free, but w/e
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