Preview of the New Minimap and Super Stash Sale

Wow Stash tab sales! This weekend only!
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I kinda loved the old minimap for being so Diablo-2-esque in its pixel-y sketchiness, like it was being "drawn" as an Exile explores.

But this new one is so much better in every way, I won't miss the old one. Well, maybe, on principle, as a fan of the game, but nah. I'l looking forward to FoO. ;)
TheWoodsy wrote:
Would love to change size, zoom and background opacity of corner map please.

- 0 * - < _ > - * 0 -- 0 * - < _ > - * 0 -- 0 * - < _ > - * 0 -- 0 * - < _ > - * 0- 0 * - <
- 0 * - < _ > - * 0 -- 0 * - < _ > - * 0 -- 0 * - < _ > - * 0 -- 0 * - < _ > - * 0- 0 * - <
This is more than I expected (it looks very clean and readable, and the sight line is a nice touch) but there's still an issue left unresolved. When you are in an area like Prison, and you run through a hallway... both the current and future systems reveal the rooms on either side of the hallway. This makes those rooms indistinguishable​ from ones you've cleared, despite never having entered them.

I've made the suggestion before to occlude rooms that are blocked by walls in the actual gameplay view, but I think just keeping those rooms hidden on the minimap would be beneficial for everyone without causing an upset (doesn't affect scanning a room you're not in at all).

Also, would it be possible to have doorways change color once you've passed through them?
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Looks amazing! Love you GGG <3

Will there be an arrow pointing the direction the party members are or will I'll still waste a good time looking for it?

Hopefully GGG will stop abandoning leagues after 4.0.0 is released
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Holy wowser crap Batman, that is NICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow!!! Very nice upgrade. Fantastic detail and can't wait to use it. Will make those kill missions a lot less tedious, tracking down that 1 last monster!

Looking forward to all the changes :)
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Looks great, liking all the UI changes so far. That visibility line is impressive. Is there still time to update the buff/debuff bar? It is a jumble that is hard to parse instantly, like you need to. All the various indicators that already exist in-game (color of rares, recurring bosses etc.) are very useful, but, having a much clearer buff bar & debuff bar would be a big improvement too.
Ok now the stash tab sales just seem lazy.

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