Preview of the New Minimap and Super Stash Sale

These map changes look extremely helpful! Looking forward to them.
This is a very nice QoL improvement! Thank you GGG!
WOW. This is great! Love it to bits and pieces!
I like getting improvements I didnt realize I needed. Good job
please add a color picker to the line

or some kind of color blind support to minimap system
Last edited by zxhralf on May 16, 2017, 5:20:24 AM
plz make it scalable (% in options)
Please, please, please allow the corner map to have a separate transparency setting than the overlay map. My #1 complaint EVER. I had it in Open Beta and still have it now. It would be great if there were more options for both map types, as well as markers for things like strongboxes on the map too. (or adjustable markers which would be really awesome)

But if nothing else, please allow the transparency settings to be separate or disable transparency from the corner map entirely. PLEASE!

With that said, love it, great job guys. :)
"Within their deliriousness it's dark, like sojourners of souls they shall embark."
So clear and clean and tidy, you would think that six new acts would make GGG lose focus on improving other parts of the game. Greatly looking forward to the new Path Of Exile.
Thank you! :D

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