Preview of the New Minimap and Super Stash Sale

Thanks for this GGG!
Looks great! Awesome job!
Oh thank god! The absolutely terrible minimap was always one of my biggest beefs with this game. It was so impossible to tell where some passages where on several tilesets by looking at the map, and water was a total farce - it could be walkable, it could be a barrier, no one knows!!
about time you did this the minimap is soooooo bad nowdays...
I saw this coming...
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Awesome work. Love the ocean line, made me exclaim aloud. I like the explored edge too, both huge improvements. Will take a little getting used to the visuals, I know some people will complain, but it is a big improvement. Well done again.
Minimap update: hoping this will also address the issue of terrible visibility due to poor or nonexistent color contrast that occurs w/ some minimap overlays w/ some tilesets when using the map in fullscreen mode. e.g. jungle valley tileset.

Overall, QoL improvements are always welcome and in this thread we have 27 pages of posts from ppl who I would tend to assume agree.

Work on stash tab/inventory management QoL next, please!
Finally ! A proper minimap that you can actually use to walk around instead of having to look at the terrain to avoid all those invisible obstacles. Also the depiction of some areas is really terrible, I hope it will be fixed so that we know which routes are actually traversable.
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This is an implementation I've been hoping for for a long time,and it looks great! Much more polished.
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What I particularly like is that the new minimap clearly shows the fog of war, where you have been and haven't. That's going to make navigation easier.

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