The Fall of Oriath: Beta FAQ

I think i spend more then 500$ so im in :)

Immo_scion - Lv 100 solo - Playing in partys is too easy - solo for life :)
how do i tell if i spent 500 dollars or not
Do they send the invites by email or what?
"Dead DPS is 0 DPS"

- Rules of Gaming
So wait, I don't fully understand.

After Legacy ends on May 29, there wont be another new challenge league afterwards where everyone will start fresh?
Nayazu wrote:
Game going down the crap hole at the end of Legacy.We all know how well the last Beta of this sort went. Epic Fail!!!

Sounding like ill be off to Grim Dawn for the rest of the yr.

100% agree with u on this. what are they thinking stopping everything for over a month.
Then there is the beta why waste you're time with it been incomplete and cant keep anything u find .Just pure time wasting
Oh yay... well that's 5-6 weeks I will not be playing. Races and such are boring as f*ck. But then again with all the nerfing of everything, I probably will not be playing anymore anyways. Just look at the AoE nerf, killed the use of a lot of skills. With this it will make everything even more weak so.. ya. You guys are probably just going to kill the game while releasing new content. Everyone will feel so weak and boring that they will just up and leave.
How are player selected to access beta, do you have to sign up somewhere? If not how do i specify not do be invited so i don´t take some guys spot who actually wants to play the beta?
P2W Kappa
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Super awesome ! Can not wait for this.
I have a question.
Is there any way for us to see how much we've spent on the game previously? And thus weather or not we qualify for "Total Lifetime Purchases" beta access.

Because while I do buy things often, and am quite happy to do so and support the development of the game, I have no earthly idea how much I've spent on the game. People don't tend to keep track of these things.

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