The Fall of Oriath: Beta FAQ

So nice that I wont have to beg :)
What about the people who have paid to get into the awakening beta? I have also paid for a supporter pack back when PoE got released on steam and officially released back in 2013.

I'm hoping us folks who don't earn enough to put $500 into a game but earn enough to donate $200~ actually get the chance to play in the beta atleast in the waves 4 - 5 weeks into beta. Spending $200~ is pretty much double what you'd expect to pay for another RPG game with DLC included.
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Clock ticking!
Im at 345$ feelsbadman! Waiting for new epic packs xD

ps. if i spend some money now for points only i could upgreate for one of oriath support pack later ?
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I also have a question so if the supporter pack's are coming out early on PC "IF" I buy on PC can I transfer the point's or the benefit's of the supporter pack's over to my xbox version?
or will I have to wait to play the beta IF I want to play on xbox one?
because I don't want to buy it twice lol i mean not a bad thing I just prefer once
Which pack supporter I can buy to have access to the beta has 100% and how you get the beta?
Are the odds of getting randomly selected better than trying to chance a Headhunter lol
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if i bring a cake into the office will i get a key?
Oh so this time I get beta access at start instead of the very last day, I guess I will be around this time. <3
You want me to D2 for a fucking month? Alright fine =(

Free beta WOOO I'm still buying a supporter pack regardless lul
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