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Will "Physical Damage with Attacks" scale bleed like "Elemental Damage with Attacks" will scale ignites? (Was this already the case?)

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Sorry if it has been answered, how will these changes affect Explosive Arrow? I'm trying to imagine how it will work, but if the ignite dmg comes only from DoT modifiers and not the initial hit, to get most out of it i can see two options:
1.) Very low initial hit dmg, very high ignite dmg
2.) Very high initial hit dmg, very low ignite dmg

Is this correct or will there be some relation between the two?
Will there be a way to make spells, via tree or gem, inflict bleeding, such as those that deal physical damage, or give minions that deal physical damage the ability to inflict a bleed?

Such a way does exist in game already.
Bloodplay a dagger gives 30% chance to cause bleeding on hit, which counts for both spells and attacks.
I'm a little (a LOT, in fact :D) confused with all these changes.

For example:

Say, I play a Burning arrow character. I have a 100-200 phys and 50-100 fire bow. I use Burning Arrow and Avatar of Fire, so I have 150-300 fire damage with a single bow attack (not mentioning the Burning Arrow % damage increase and chance to ignite, for the sake of simplicity). I will Ignite enemies for 150-300 burning damage, correct? Now, to my questions:

1) Burning duration? How many damage per second I will actually inflict? Will it be 150-300 per one sec, or per 10 sec, or whatever.

2) Say, I have a ring with 50-100 fire damage added to attacks. So I have 200-400 fire damage with a single attack. Will I ignite for 200-400 then, or my Burning damage won't be affected by that ring mod? I guess it won't since burning effect itself is not an attack, but...

3) Forget about that ring. Say, I have 100% Proj Damage increased and 100% Fire Damage increased. I will deal 450-900 fire dmg with initial attack and will ignite my enemy for 300-600 fire dmg, right?

3) Screw everything above. Say, I've linked my Burning Arrow with LMP, will it decrease my burning damage?

4) Say, I got my hands on Emberwake and activated my Herald of Ash. Will I be able to stack this new uniq burning effect from HoA up to 300 times? Will it's initial burning damage depend on my basic bow fire attack damage, or it will have it's own damage as HoL and HoI does?

Also... If there will be the mod "Elemental Attack Damage" which will affect burning inflicted by attack, will "Attack Damage" mod affect burning? My... brain... hurts...

If anyone could answer some of my questions that would be really nice, thx.
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Cant GGG just post formula for calculating the damage of poison/bleed/ignite and give examples? 6 lines would beat all those manifestos in clear understanding of the situation.
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HoA = "new burning effect", WTF do you have to complicate things further? This game already has too many obscure exceptions as is.
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How will Bleeding and other Damage Ailments work in PvP?
We're going to be re-adjusting the pvp scale of many damage over time effects. We've yet to determine exactly how we'll be adjusting bleeding effects on players, but we'll definitely need to reduce the damage players take while stationary from other players' bleeds.

Really? bleeding is the problem in pvp? not the secondary damage or scorching day buring?
ZeroesPoe wrote:
I have a feeling they won't nerf dot enough

why should they, they are getting a buff even in my opinion but the thing is that if u make a dot build then you cant make regular strong hits like you could before
Is the design intent of correcting double dipping also going to come with a rebalance of end-game monster HP?
This is something we'll be reviewing during Beta. It's unlikely that we'll change the health of the highest tier content; The most effective Damage over Time builds made the content far easier than was intended, and with these new changes the bosses should be a more suitable encounter length for powerful builds.

Why do you ALWAYS balance around meta builds with GG items?? It's like saying a big F U to everyone else playing non-FOTM meta builds.

...losing faith...
"Metas rotate all the time, eventually the developers will buff melee"
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I'm glad GGG is continuing with its holy quest to teach us silly mortals that the purpose of rules is to have exceptions. Lots and lots of exceptions. xD

Keep this up and I'm sure soon Wraeclast will be able to apply for membership into the EU. :p

For those who didn't get that EU joke, watch this - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O37yJBFRrfg :)

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