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yarikonline wrote:
sidtherat wrote:
How will Traps, Mines and Totems be affected by this change?
We'll be reverting the Trap and Mine Support multiplicative damage modifier to affect all damage caused by the skill, rather than only applying to hits. Modifiers to Trap, Mine, and Totem damage will still apply to Damage over Time caused by Traps, Mines and Totems, so we're going to be carefully reviewing how this will affect these builds during the Beta.

it all looked well untill then

guys, are you blind or something? you had TWO LEAGUES of posion bladefall mines/traps and you want this idiocy to happen again?

"well, we have crafter this first-in-the-genre life leech system that fixes what is inherently stupid in ARPGS. it prevents bruteforcing, it does not scale that well with damage etc.

oh, and we've added vaal pact if you do not like this creative stuff"

same game here. we've fixed double dipping

but not for traps/mines

is this for real?

are you blind or what? that thing was so powerful 'couse of doubledipping - more mine dmg at first increased dmg from hit, that indirectly increased dmg from poison, and then also directly increased dmg of poison, and this changes effectivly remove the whole problem, and the new MORE DMG on traps and mines will separately increase dmg of hits and dots. without changing TRAP/MINE DMG to just DMG any dot build with traps/mines just would be useless, 'couse you will lose that multiplier form support gem

if this trap/mine-poison-bladefall thing will have it place again, it wont be 'couse of dot dmg changes

problem remains: some damage types/classes have it 'easy' by design. just the scale is different

why traps/mines have this bonus given for free, while physical attackers do not really have anything comparable AND they have to scale their hit AND DoT separately?

mines and traps deal phys or ele damage. there are proper ways of scaling both hit and DoT. but no, lets make it easy for them - just because. the same thing with CI/ES - 5 years ago CI had all these drawbacks so it still deserves various perks for free, just because

you know that physical damage is - in theory - primary source of Poison and Bleed? and in the prosed system it is best to simply forget about it because chaos weapon + chaos nodes + poison works better BY DESIGN? or use traps because they get double scaling for free for no reason

btw - this 'couse thing is really not needed when you write everything else properly
Since both the initial hit and DoT will have damage calculated separately, will penetration affect both the calculations now instead of just the hit?
Penetration is inherently an on-hit effect. It cannot apply to Damage over Time.

Any chance of adding something the has the same affect as this but works with DOT?
looks awesome
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It seems like you only answered part of the question regarding fire trap. One of the main reasons it does damage anywhere near worthwhile is the ignites, which won't double dip. Will the damage be rescaled?

Similarly, explosive arrow. We all know how godawful the single target is unless you stack 100% ignite on a 6link AND have a lot of double-dippy goodness. Is this going to be addressed?

And yes please re: caustic arrow. Multiple nerfs in a row to a skill that wasn't that great is where it's at. No one really wants to try and dps down a 9 million life monster with 20k dps (which *only* cost you a level 4 empower, +3 bow and maxxed out supports).
Am i the only one who sees batman in the "damage over time changes: more information" picture!?
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pencilsketch wrote:
Am i the only one who sees batman in the "damage over time changes: more information" picture!?

I see Black Panther.
I've always wanted to play a bleed build that focuses completely on the bleed aspect of the attack used. I'm hoping that Bleed will have more specific ways to scale their damage that are not just "Damage Over Time". All the builds that would use Bleed in some way would actually be better off scaling their damage using poison.

These changes don't look like they change anything. It's probably not going to happen because it would feel so bad unless you can instantly kill everything in one shot. Traps have the same problem. Maybe improving the Bleed nodes in the Duelist will help a lot. Those stupid nodes are one of the worst things in the skill tree. Melee Attacks have a 8% chance to cause Bleeding is a sick joke and I do hope that it becomes a larger, more powerful cluster.

I also want to expect some changes to non-crit freeze builds but that will probably never be a thing. I mean who knew that investing into Critical Damage and Critical Strike chance would offer you a lot more damage and some better defense with Freeze and Chill.

Maybe add a new skill gem that reduces skill Critical Strike Chance + Damage and increases Burn, Chill, Freeze, Shock, Bleed and Poison Effect (not duration).

Also can we please change the nodes in the bottom side of the tree to be more interesting. Lust for Carnage, Hematophagy, Stun Mastery, Bloodletting, Eagle Eye, Battle Rouse, and Fencing could probably use some attention. Maybe improve what they're trying to focus on. Maybe nerf Spirit/Vitality Void because they're too good.
If I'm reading this right, Viper Strike can then use Rapid Decay to increase its poison damage as it's a skill duration effect there. Interesting.
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Into the Labyrinth!"
Herald of Ash has been reworked. Rather than applying Ignite to enemies, it applies its own unique burning effect.

pls no. no additional unique burning effect. just no.

and no answer on what will happen to Temporal Chains "making all temporary effects on enemies expire slower". :(
the more i read it all the more i see it as a overly complicated stuff that tries its best to explain its own existence

this 'system' is so convoluted and complex and plain fuzzy that alone should be a warning that something is not going right

3 articles about as simple as DoT in a game? even if only 10% of this system is somewhat flawed (And it most likely will be on the first try) then it will turn out to be a complete mess

magic keystones, sepcial modifiers, 4 types of burning with only one proper, damage types that are 'specia' and apply twice as opposed to others that do only once..

was it really this difficult to just copy Grim Dawn's system of 'hit' 'post-hit' scaling? and solve all the past, current and potential issues all at once?

it surely looks like too big to be done correctly and building a mess over a mess to fix a mess.. sorry, im highly sceptical about this

it will take one mess and provide us with yet another. then 2 years of waiting for fix, then another mess..

system issues cannot be fixed with bandaids. no matter how numerous..

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