New Microtransactions - Portal, Footprints, Character Effect and Pets!

Bots do not use pets
Котейка рубль бережет
Nice.. more alternate skill effects though please..
Stay awhile... and listen.
break-dancing beetle! lol
Cute pets are cute and all, but I want to be able to armour up my furry minions! I don't want a cute bunny following me, I want my mean mofo combat rabbit by my side! :)

Wallaby rocks though. Need to get the matching Crocodile Dundee hat to go with it though - strewth!
Damn yes!!! Finally i can waste my money buying a cockroach and beetle pet yes so worth my money!
Nice, but waiting for unicorn pet with rainbow footprints.
firefighter70 wrote:
Nice, but waiting for unicorn pet with rainbow footprints.

Sarcasm or not, I would be happy about rainbow footprints :P
Otherwise HC is not too much playable.

Btw. I have:
50Mbit (LTE)
AMD Phenom II X4 965 Deneb 45nm Technology
1023MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti
Samsung SSD 850 EVO 250GB

BTW: TOP crazy build. Icestorm, or magmaorb on Sire of shards with 4 totems is realy a crazy lagging slideshow :) and 4+ players in the party = 4+ angry or dead people :)
● Tristram Guitar DI (I am HC DI,II player since 1996)
● DII intro
● Zana's story is the best of story from all ARPG
● Nerf do a fun PoE. That's challenge to build a new Phoenix and be HC
● I have no time to be slow in HC. It's not ARPG/fun
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sarannah101 wrote:
Love the bat swarm character effect, but unlike the legacy effect, it seems to disappear and then reappear(based on video). If so, what is the time interval at which the bats re-appear, and will there be a bat swarm character effect with the bats 100% of the time showing/flying around the character?

I ask this because in an arpg, things that disappear and reappear on screen always catch my eye, and if the bat swarm disappears and then reappears, it will keep doing this. For me that would undermine the entire effect. Therefor an always active bat swarm character effect(like legacy) would suit me much better. It does look awesome though.

All the other stuff seems awesome. I felt bad reading the new supporter packs are still a month away :(

Any hints on what mtx types will be in the new supporter packs(portal, footprint, weapon effect, armor sets, or something else)?

Man, this "bat swarm effect" is not character effect. Based on SHOP you give this effect to your amulet not to your belt. I suppose you can have some character effect from belt and this effect from amulet :)

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