New Microtransactions - Portal, Footprints, Character Effect and Pets!

Why no rat? (Two tailed lizard. Really?)
One of the best things about PoE is how it takes itself seriously. These pets are a joke.

I swear back when i played MtG id throw up every time somebody had a Star City Games playmat.

Just.... could not.... resist.... <3

Still regret, that I had not bought Vaal's Supporter pack =(
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i want a slug pet or a sea-comcomber or a jellyfish ....!!!!

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I guess these will be something to mix into mystery boxes to screw the odds to get something good.
Srsly, i wonder how many standalone pets were sold over the course of their existence in the game.
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ING: Marxone
Ty for scam <3

What's the problem?
no sheep? again? baah!
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Love the bat swarm character effect, but unlike the legacy effect, it seems to disappear and then reappear(based on video). If so, what is the time interval at which the bats re-appear, and will there be a bat swarm character effect with the bats 100% of the time showing/flying around the character?

I ask this because in an arpg, things that disappear and reappear on screen always catch my eye, and if the bat swarm disappears and then reappears, it will keep doing this. For me that would undermine the entire effect. Therefor an always active bat swarm character effect(like legacy) would suit me much better. It does look awesome though.

All the other stuff seems awesome. I felt bad reading the new supporter packs are still a month away :(

Any hints on what mtx types will be in the new supporter packs(portal, footprint, weapon effect, armor sets, or something else)?
f-ing finally !
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