Improvements to NPC Models

Nice job, GGG. Thanks for giving us updates, even if they're just trivial. Love to see anything new. :-)
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oh gr8
Thanks for all. Game RIP. Ty ggg for 250ms ping, disconnections and xBox version
New models look really sweet. Just wondering did the old pose not fit with the new story or did you look over them and change them to fit your intended message better?
Old Nessa is is curled up and looks super scared while new Nessa is more inquisitve and questiononing. Not self secure lion but less scared cat.
Tarkleigh seems more relaxed as well. Old one was super tense and new one rests his hand on his belt. Also a bow? Did we have to many stick wielding weapon shop owners?

And the old models looked more like they were dressed in rags. New ones have destinctive clothing quality. Liked the look of them freshly escaping a shipwreck. Will ge tused to this super quickly because it looks great but it looks different as well and I can understand people not being super happy.
Was just curious if I missinterpreted what the models where going for or if it is intended to be changed.

Pretty sure I have to thank Chris for the extra poly count. Looks sweet. Makes me wonder what else will get a paintjob.
Sorry for the long post. In the unlikely event of a short post. There sure is something I should feel sorry about anyway.
nessa's left elbow looks a bit rubbery, I think there needs to be a bit more of a point at the bend to make it look better.
Hope Nessas voice stay as sexy as it always was.
Can't wait for characters remodel =D
streamers are gonna get twitch banned cause of nessa's feet

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