Developer Interview - Rachel - Customer Support

Stop trading in global guys!
Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
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Nephalim wrote:
Redreaper21 wrote:
Don't forget how hard AoE skills were hurt by the nerfs guys. Don't get sidetracked by all these silly "announcements" threads we'ev been having lately, they're just trying to shift attention away from the insane AoE nerfs

Stay woke

The greatest crime against melee and aoe casters in the history of poe so easily forgotten.

I figure the people who played melee were content in dried lake or gave up years ago.

Funny you should say that! The leaguestones actually make melee semi-bearable at dried lake & aqueduct lol

67 4 life ;)
I feel like a new meme is born regarding your "cave" (Joe Duncan, we're counting on you).
Anyway, great interview o/.

Nice last words too.
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Rachel, what are your thoughts about Le Seagull? :)
give us act 4 news
"Developer Interview - Rachel - Customer Support"

Wait, so is it a developer interview, or is it a customer support interview? Are your customer support staff working in your development team now? I'm so confused.
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Costumer Support

Didnt read. and Costumer support/public relations arent devs, this meme needs to end.
Hell, they arent even human, you cant fool me

you've been informed

Hopefully GGG will stop abandoning leagues after 4.0.0 is released
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I like the insight for such a good support team they seem to have a very normal work day.

Now I am triggered more support teams aren't this great when I know they do much less work than GGG's support team :|
GG, GGG! I can finally be the flamethrowing psycho Marauder I've always dreamt to be! Wish they had a hockey mask MTX & a gore scorching ray skill gem MTX mmmm one can hope!
I died at the last 2 lines... XD
"Teamwork is OP"
-The one and only one Dark_Reaper115 at your service.

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