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It's her, she's the one that isn't returning your tickets BURN HER!
I've had multiple conversations with GGG support staff. All of them have been fabulous and their replies both prompt and courteous. Kudos to Rachel and her team.
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GGG banning all political discussion shortly after getting acquired by China is a weird coincidence.
Rip toucan

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Hi Rachel!
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We tend to lean towards lenience and giving the benefit of the doubt as much as we possibly can, as we do want players to enjoy all that Path of Exile has to offer.

Unfortunately, we're not able to allow free reign, which means that players do have their account moderated. We apply what we feel are reasonable consequences that are appropriate to how the player has breached the Code of Conduct

Rachel be like
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Shovelcut wrote:
All hail the Queen of Padlocks!

Hi Rachel!

Need some help? Contact us at

Queen of Padlocks
Rachel, I must ask you.
What's the dumbest question you've ever gotten from someone?
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Support and QA are not developers in the classic sense, right? Is this a feature? :p

And that is not ment to take anything away from either side. Developers come up with amazing solutions. The support has to deal with the amazing solutions created by somebody else. While developers need inspiration and creativity, support needs patience and empathy.

My personal question for the PoE support team:
How many times do you do the classic answer of: "Sir, have you tried turning it off on and again?" per day? The amount of problems fixed by a client restart is amazing and even a person who should know how to fix it forgets every now and then.
Sorry for the long post. In the unlikely event of a short post. There sure is something I should feel sorry about anyway.

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