Developer Q&A - Answers Part 4

Will you ever fix the lag cause by Desecrate,burning ground, Chilling Ground and Any other negative effects ground that cause to drop ALOT of FPS?

Cyclone animation is always canceled by a small obstacle, why not make it spin even it bumps an object or floor?

Any plans to nerf volatile mod on monster? i have a 13.5k ES build that got 1hit on that, there's even no visual effects on it and its the strongest OP mod of monsters
(please balance the game)

Whenever I open the game for the first time of day, the game lags for a min. FPS drops from 120 to 10 real quick.

Was jewel drop rates drop? I still remember looting "Energy from Within" 8 of it in prophecy league, now i rarely even see selling it in poetrade and the price raise too high.

Any plan to change level cap higher in 3.0?

I hope any of this question would get notice by senpai Chris
. :(
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faelanae wrote:
Haven't seen this addressed anywhere yet (and I missed the original thread), so maybe someone knows the answer...

Is there any hope of being able to maintain Whisper chat across character selection, so that we don't have to friend the person to just remember who they are when they ask for a trade? Or to remember what it was they wanted in the first place?

i was also going to ask this.
Nice and stuff. And not trade changes info:(
Logic and Variety. That probably brings tears to their eyes while they work on the next more-support gem.
ChanBalam wrote:
I'd like to know if there will be any new skill gems in 3.0. :(

There should be 2-3 and maybe even 5 if they add the channeling skills too...
No Problem,
As we port Path of Exile to more platforms over time, it's more likely that a Linux port will be created. At this stage there is no strong financial argument for it and it would also significantly increase our QA costs, but it may happen one day.

Thank you!

(for the linux users new to the game: up until now the answer was always a solid no, so this is a step forward ^_^ )
Hi GGG, i was working a punisher build, but i figured it out that punishment curse only work when the punisher hit with melee hit, other wise it non sense curse? Is that correct? Tnx..
was there ever considered an idea to have PoE:Caravans expansion, where trading players would get segregated into "villages" that within them have an instant trading thing going, however they would be hard limited to a certain persistant number of sellers (imagine it like 10-20 peranduses with quad tabs?)
Now if you would like to leave? - sure there's a path through labyrinth to do it, however you never know in what village you end up (maybe pay Zana to make it more certain?) AND if there are more than one person desiring to join some "premium" village - make it pvp match to choose the one who does.

This would really tribalize trade, make it both more fast and more slow,taking your stuff to market could be a daily mission too...
Why are there no rare or unique Leaguestones in Legacy?

There are no rare Leaguestones because there aren't enough mods to support it yet. It'd be cool to make unique Leaguestones, but we decided not to include them in Legacy league because of time constraints. There are many other leagues to work on, as well as 3.0.0. Maybe you'll see rare and unique ones in the future if we continue to expand that system.

I wanted to ask the same question with regards to vaal side areas

Rare vaal areas exist but only through a prophecy, I hope the update them aswell! :D

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