[3.5] Pure Uniques Molten Strike HOWA. 4 Mill Shaper DPS, Good Defences

inhuman0 wrote:
Hi guys, i have
and 2 corrupter jewels with 1% mana reserved reduction but i can't play with 3 auras.
Any tips?

You need to have the mana reserved reduction nodes by CI and top-right area of Scion. Two corrupted jewels does not make up for the 8% reduced mana reserved those two nodes provide.
and you need to put your aura gems in your helm
Hello! i started a Full Unique Guardian HOWA build and i am trying to get it somewhat min maxed. I was wondering if changing some uniques with good rares would bring it to a new level or if i am doing something wrong in my skill tree. Build is doing deathless uber and delving 400+ with easy atm, was just curious if i could do better.

Here is the PoB link! Any advice is welcome!

Just wondering...are the gems you are showing optimized? I mean having to take 3272 damage before CWDT can trigger...?
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Hey, I wanted to thank you for this great build. I played it a lot in the past months and I really enjoyed it. I eventually managed to reach 16k ES at level 100 and could probably reach even higher with better jewels. I also reached 640 depth in delve and could also reach a lot higher if I had the time/will to grind sulphite.

This build can really easily melt most bosses. Uber elder is a walk in the park and even a 600+ Aul went down with relative ease.

I'm really happy I tried it and I can recommend it to anyone who's likes doing lots of DPS while also being very tanky.
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Seems like the new patch is going to cause the passive tree for this build to get some heavy rework.

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