[3.5] Pure Uniques Molten Strike HOWA. 4 Mill Shaper DPS, Good Defences

How to level these sh*t ?!
I am squishy as hell.
Max resi, damage is ok. But I´m dying at every fu**ing monster who hit me.
A leveling skill tree would be nice for casual gamer.
How do we fit Clarity in the build for the mentioned Warcher’s Eye?
Hey! I rerolled my Scion into this today in Delve, and at level 81 or so I'm dying in T13+ maps due to me being unable to leech through the incoming damage (or that's my guess). WaffleT, I PM'd you, but if anyone else wants to take a peek at my profile and my character to give me a hand I'd appreciate it. Also, don't hesitate to PM me in game. Thanks!

Character: BN_Thicc
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Which gem should I drop for 5-link armour?
Has anybody tried this build with lightning strike? Obviously you would have to change a few things, but it seems like it would be awesome....
Which nodes would you be referring to in the 3.4 section of the guide?
edit: figured it out. now to figure out how to delete a post!
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Is Molten still better than BF/ST after the nerf?

tried your build this league, and it's really nice. only big upgrades missing are molten strike projectile enchant and some nice boots enchant. currently facetanking bosses and syndicate members t14-t15 pretty comfortably.

im playing this as scion. i fixed my resistance problems using jewels, and using incandescent heart, im around 7.1k ES at lvl 90.

i chose raider and inquisitor for ascendancy.

currently i have 68% elemental pen (19% comes from ele weak curse on hit) with wise oak up, 54% without. if i can reach level 95 i can reach 73% ele pen if i sacrifice getting es nodes for damage.

thanks for the nice build.
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Hi, thank you for the amazing and comprehensive build guide!
I am curious, wouldn't it be better to go Scion Raider/Occultist since we are "planning" to go Atziri's Reflection anyway and go triple curse with that?
I am asking because I am fairly new and always played LL RF guardian with chayula and just facetanked everything, wanna know if the lack of stun immunity is really that bad.

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