[3.5] Pure Uniques Molten Strike HOWA. 4 Mill Shaper DPS, Good Defences

Hi guys, i have
and 2 corrupter jewels with 1% mana reserved reduction but i can't play with 3 auras.
Any tips?
inhuman0 wrote:
Hi guys, i have
and 2 corrupter jewels with 1% mana reserved reduction but i can't play with 3 auras.
Any tips?

You need to have the mana reserved reduction nodes by CI and top-right area of Scion. Two corrupted jewels does not make up for the 8% reduced mana reserved those two nodes provide.
and you need to put your aura gems in your helm
Hello! i started a Full Unique Guardian HOWA build and i am trying to get it somewhat min maxed. I was wondering if changing some uniques with good rares would bring it to a new level or if i am doing something wrong in my skill tree. Build is doing deathless uber and delving 400+ with easy atm, was just curious if i could do better.

Here is the PoB link! Any advice is welcome!

Just wondering...are the gems you are showing optimized? I mean having to take 3272 damage before CWDT can trigger...?
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Hey, I wanted to thank you for this great build. I played it a lot in the past months and I really enjoyed it. I eventually managed to reach 16k ES at level 100 and could probably reach even higher with better jewels. I also reached 640 depth in delve and could also reach a lot higher if I had the time/will to grind sulphite.

This build can really easily melt most bosses. Uber elder is a walk in the park and even a 600+ Aul went down with relative ease.

I'm really happy I tried it and I can recommend it to anyone who's likes doing lots of DPS while also being very tanky.
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Seems like the new patch is going to cause the passive tree for this build to get some heavy rework.
Does it work in 3.6?

Or better, how would i have to change the tree? According to the guy above ther should be some changes at least.

Edit: I am interested in the Guardian version
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I know it is like a month out, but I figured I'd drop in. I tested both in 3.6 and they did well with ms nothing like it used to be though.
Maybe with the melee rework in 3.7 it'll do good with other skills available.
Doing some testing on it soon when I have some more spare time.

Edit: really love the build by the way WaffleT, it has been an absolute blast every league I've played it.
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I've been working on this build since the melee patch to incorporate Lightning Strike, mainly because it has almost identical tags with Molten Strike(and got buffed), so the passives don't need to be moved at all except to get the new Intelligence/ES nodes near top and left of Witch, respectively.

The biggest adjustment I had to get over was the style of play - MS would get right inside the mob and fire away, but with LS you get more damage standing at 'medium' range and shotgunning.

It still doesn't have the same boss-killing power as old MS but you do get more ability to damage from range.

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