2.6.0f Patch Notes

Can you also fix the perandus league stone bug?

I'm not good at statistical math. But the probability of finding 30 league stones and vendor all 30 and still not get a perandus league stone should be close to 0.01%?
Might wanna look over weapon effects when it comes to the hand of wisdom & action claws. Most don't even show.
Still hoping for Inssbury Edge 3d art
keep walking and YNWA!
halorser wrote:
Great, thanks for the Jorrhast fix that NO ONE WANTED. Now my build is most likely bricked.

So many people complain when they fix bugs with items that makes previously impossible builds happen that were op. IE: Self flag jewels earlier. Stop making builds around exploits and glitches and this wont happen.
Anyone else getting "Path of exile stopped working" after launching?
HoWA is getting a 3D art before it is going to be nerfed into the abyss? Well, I guess we still have a few months, after that it might be a nice skin transfer, I suppose.
When are you going to fix reliquary key drop rate?

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