2.6.0f Patch Notes

Weapon effects on the new HoWA/HoTM are not showing up properly.
The Wise Oak Flask's effect doesn't show properly. While full, it looks empty.
sentryx94 wrote:
Everyone here complaining about client crashes and bugs and here I am complaining about framedrops and almost 3-7 FPS when I hit more than two packs of monsters with SR+Icestorm. Not to mention when there's a shrine nearby. Or a strong box. Or fighting a boss. Or having a party oh my god no.

I have a friend that cannot get past level 90 because too many map mods lead to a 4-5 sec of framedrops and he's dead. He's running the same build as mine, The Whispering Ice. I'm gonna be in his situation soon enough. This is really a mood killer and I wish I could play countless hours of this game without stopping but this bad optimization won't allow me.

The funny thing is that you don't notice this at first. You make your character, everything is slow, no GPU intensive skills, only small packs of monsters. But when you get above level 60 the true face of bad optimization shows up and really gets on your nerves.

I'm in the same situation, more prominent the more I play; it mostly happens post 1.5 hours of gameplay. I don't have a problem taking a break but when it's the weekend and I really wanna level that ST character I keep putting off, it's really hard to make progress when you're a casual like me and level slowly, only to be inhibited by performance issues the longer I play. Even more so when it's a graphically intensive build like quad totem fire storm. Don't even get me started on breaches... Only thing you hear from global when looking for help is 'garbage pc' and GGG repeatedly stays silent about the matter, ignores the glaring problem. I'm sorry. I love PoE. I don't love it enough to buy a new computer for it alone, considering same computer runs Just cause 2 and skyrim on high with 60+ stable fps. ( 5 year old laptop ) Please ggg, I'm willing to spend money on mtx and supporter packs but i cant 'cause I have to play on minimum tier graphics, making all the textures garbage and rendering nice mtx worthless. [./rant]
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ay yo fix my drops thank you!
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nope enjoy scrolls drop
Any idea when we can expect a fix for the crashes occurring when we change zones? This issue seems so common and so broad that it may be more than one problem.
Still no fixes for summoners :(
No thanks, Tencent.

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2.6.0f Patch Notes
  • Fixed an issue where the Sharpening Wheel displayed incorrect values for mods updated in 2.6.0.

Did I miss something on the 2.6 patch notes about Sharpening Whell values updates?
Great, thanks for the Jorrhast fix that NO ONE WANTED. Now my build is most likely bricked.
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