Community Translators Needed

Waiting on the Polish translation request :P
Sent email, although as usual I had a typo duh *facepalm*
Rip Arabic
Polish translation still not a thing? I would gladly help with that. If we had Polish version I could finally convince my fiance to play :D

I remember Chris talking about a Polish version a while back ... .. .. (pls?)
Well, I'd like to apply to translate Path of Exile to French. I'm living in the area of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. who do I contact to apply for translation of game content?
Why am I not surprised that I'm not seeing Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian on the list. xD (Not sure if I should add Montenegrian, in part because I have no idea how to spell the name).
Oh, well...

Guess I'll just keep translating epic fantasy books as practice...
Avert thy gaze, child!

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Why do I live in Canada GGG tell me
Hmm... like 3 or 4 years ago there was a group of people making Polish translation for PoE, you contacted them and wanted them to stop making it because you are going to do polish version yourself. After 3 years there is still no information about Polish localization... I'm kinda disappointed :(
This is a great new for spanish community! Thanks!
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This seems like a gentle backpedaling to a former stance regarding community assistance with translation.


Look who's back

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