Community Translators Needed

I would love to translate this game into Icelandic, my mother tongue.
Do hit me up!
Awesome stuff!

PoE in german would mean that more of my friends would be able to enjoy the game! :D
keep in mind that south-center american spanish is different than that original spain spanish (why does that expresion sound so weird?)

so maybe you need to get 2-3 translator for that language and make them keep in touch to let the translation stay neutral for everyone
Hmm, I think I could help with translating the game to Spanish. I've transalted a couple of mods (Grey and Cry of Fear, this one with the help of a friend) and helped a bit in the spanish translation of Kraven Manor (the previous spanish translation of that game was all done in Google Translator).

However, one aspect that might be difficult to translate would be the items, due to the random nature of the name in rare items.

But regarding dialogue, that's no worry.
I'll do it for an hydra supporter pack.

Lo haré por un paquete de soporte hidra.
GGG, You should fix Russian translation first of all.
The translation is inaccurate and mostly ugly. It's impossible to play in Russian, I have to play eng version because of poor translation.
Kazanian wrote:
wow, just yesterday i was talking about how i'd love to have a version in my native language (german). and now this. :D

Zu..viel Gerümpel!

I won't touch that translation with a stick. ;)
Perception is reality.
I actually would love to translate as much as possible into german but i dont have all the requirements, my comm skill go as far as i make everyone mad at me. Dont know if i ever could learn all aspects of the Game. If the job would be just translating english text into german text with simple Email Contact, that wouldnt be much of a problem. Translating it into easy german, may be a challenge, but for that we got books and google :)
Please, for everything you hold dear, make "spanish spanish" and "latin spanish" as separated languages, they are even more different than british and american english, and their communities do not like each other specially online.

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