Over the last few years, we have expanded Path of Exile to several non-English markets. The game can currently be played in English, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Traditional Chinese (on the Taiwanese Garena server) and Simplified Chinese (on the Chinese Tencent server, which is currently in closed beta). We are currently working on another set of languages, and are looking to find some strong translators among the community to work with us on those regions (in a paid remote capacity). These languages are: German, French and Spanish. We are also looking for an additional Thai translator to join our team.


  • You have a fluent understanding of English and excellent communication skills.
  • You are a native speaker of the language you want to translate into (which must be German, French, Spanish or Thai).
  • You are extremely familiar with Path of Exile and have played all aspects of the game.
  • You have the free time to translate a few hours a day, including potentially some weekends in emergencies. It's okay to do this alongside other work or study, as long as it's fine with them.
  • You are willing to sign an NDA regarding your exposure to unannounced information.
  • You ideally have existing professional translation experience.

If you already live in New Zealand or Australia, please let Chris know. This would be very important as it could then easily turn into a fulltime in-person job offer.

UPDATE: We've had over 500 applicants in the first 24 hours, so we don't need any more emails for now, thanks.
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Welp, too bad I can't translate anything heh, otherwise I would do it for this awsome game.
Please reply to your whispers for items... Even if you are mapping, in a rotation, in uber lab, or if its sold. Thank you. :D
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I wish you guys needed hunagrian translators :D Maybe in 2028...
I cant even
Finally we come to the translation part of the game!
If only you guys needed another brazilian to translate stuff Q.Q
I hope you needed a Tagalog translator. LOL
wow, just yesterday i was talking about how i'd love to have a version in my native language (german). and now this. :D
Hey il call dibs, in case you ever need a swedish translator ;)
I am native german speaking, but unfortunately I cannot free several hours of time per day. Hope you'll find the support needed for these translations. Although in the beginning I whished for german language support I now feel fine with english!
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