[3.9?] Sidefx Frost Blades - Hyped for Support +

****PLEASE READ*****
This guide will be getting a 3.9 update to it, just be patient and give me a couple days into the league. Super hyped hope you are as well! Will be live the whole weekend for any questions.

Hello, I'm Sidefxmayinclde
I played Frostblades since (2.5) (100% fire conversion 2h) and did a lot of theory crafting on my stream toward this build, so with that said I present the 3.0 version of Frostblades. This guide will be updated overtime with more information as i progress into the league.
UPDATE:1 - Upgraded current gear/links in gear, also posted current flasks
UPDATE:2 - Changed the build to Duelweild claws, also changed the tree around. I found
UPDATE:3 -Currently updating the guide for 3.0 play testing on beta and trying out new things will keep updated in for comments.
UPDATE:4 All trees and the guide have been updated to 3.0 passive trees and added a Path of Building to the page. I highly suggest you follow it for 3.0 update for gems ect.
this version does more damage, you lose a little life but over all better. This version was also used to kill Shaper/guardians. Waiting on Uber atziri.
UPDATE:5/6 - added updated PoB, Added updated Gem links below also added updated Flask and Ascendancy
UPDATE:7 - Added FAQ section, Pros and cons section and updated title to not be "misleading"
UPDATE:8 (3.1) Uploaded 3.1 Path of building, Added the new gems set ups (can change) Added new Faq questions and Pros/cons,
UPDATE:9 (3.1) Added New PoB w/ updated tree/gems, added a "3.1 so Far" section, Uploaded my current gear and some explanations on gear I have tested. Updated the Gem link section!! Also upload the new Skilltree. Any questions please ask. More updates in the future as we progress.
UPDATE:9.5 Fixed the Skilltree on bottom was showing the old tree sorry!
UPDATE:9.6 Added "gear to aim for" section
UPDATE: 10.0 (3.2) The build was hardly effected by the changes in 3.2, all we lost was 12% move speed from ascendancy which honestly isn't that big of a deal as we still FLY through maps. ** Updated the Final skill tree, and all the lving trees before it are just fine. Gear section will be updated over the league as We see what new items/old items we can use on the build. Any questions feel free to ask, or if something is missing please post* See you in game! ** Also added my standard FB toon to show his gear*
UPDATE:11 (3.3) Added new variant Deadeye frostblades *with help from my friend leech* 2.2m dps!
UPDATE:12 (3.5) Added a new 3.5 PoB for raider Frostblades with some new gear choices. (guide will be touched up when i can)
UPDATE:13 (3.6) 3/12/2019 - NEW UPDATED POB for 3.6! Tons of Dps! 6.3m Clear and 3.6m Shaper!

Some of this guide made seem out of place or no in the Path of building. It's hard to 100% upkeep every guide I have. Always follow the POB any questions you could always ask!

PoB Frostblades 3.6
Flasks, and some items. Enjoy! (ITEMS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE)
This might help new players follow the tree (not the new tree but still relevant) https://imgur.com/a/zfYtl


"The Dex Jewels dont have 40 allocated"- For the jewels YOU DO NOT NEED 40 dex taken. Just in the jewel circle.

**How is this build playable without VAAL PACT - You would be surprised how well we perform with life leech speed. This is still only a MAP FARMER.

"You have 2 curses, but can only run 1" - One is for trash proccing off mobs that shatter.. The other is for single target bossing where you have no mobs to shatter. You wont have both up.

"I don't have enough int" - Roll it on your gear if you are short or take a temporary fat node and respect out later.

" What starter weapons should i use" - Ewars in your MH and a foil in your off hand. You keep upgrading the foil as you level. You can switch to Ichimonji blades later if you want.

"Can this build do uber lab" - Its difficult but possible, I recommend just buying a carry for it.

"How can this build kill shaper or uber atziri?" - Knowing the fight for shaper, this is a map farmer but with a little effort and POSITIONING correctly you can clear it. For uber atziri on the ele reflect stage. Aim your spray to shoot BEHIND the mirror so it doesn't hit the other ones and kill you.

"I cant clear higher maps I keep getting killed" - Positioning positioning positioning, I call it the boxer technique Hit move hit move hit move, If you get this down you will never get hit. Also learning boss mechanics will help a lot knowing what to move from and when.

"I can't afford ToA or any other items" - For weapons try out Wasp Nest, for helmets Starconjas (Abyssus is a huge dps increase tho) for boots you dont run KAOMS until you are high geared even then not needed. Taking away your evasion with lower life will just kill you faster. Chests - A decent yellow with Tri res and life. There is always TONS of options.

"The PoB has amazing gear, this isn't possible to obtain" - The point of a PoB is to show the overall potential damage of a build. The gear is possible to obtain if you want a long term goal. Will it be cheap? No but whats the fun getting the whole build for 10c and never upgrading anything ever again. Not my style

"Does this build require tons to get started" - No, 2 wasp nest and a abyssus is about 30c. A tabula is a plus. You can do t10s with this and some effort.

Any other questions that get asked frequently will be added here. Thank you

+ Perma freeze most mobs - ESP BOSSES in 3.1 **
+ High dps
+ Super fast map clear
+ Really good Life leech w/ out Old Vaal pact

- Can be expensive, esp to min max
- glass cannon, You need to learn positioning 100% hit move hit move ect.
- can run into problems with single target (bosses)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sI7sdTmca0A - 2.6 Shaper kill by user Kajean


This build focuses on high attack speed to unleash a series of chaining projectiles with 86% cold pen, high crit chance and amazing attack speed in a almost 360 radius around you , killing everything that dares come close.
The weapon range increases with each level of Frost Blades , so even if it is a melee skill , with good positioning , you will be out of harms way most of the times you`re in a fight.
It is a full Elemental build at 100% cold conversion , dealing no physical damage , therefore physical reflect mods will not affect you.
Clear speed wise , whilst not competing with Vaal Spark (dead) , it is faster than most builds out there and somewhat cheaper.
Just a 4-Link setup can get you up to T10 maps if you`re careful.
This is a Softcore build. If you want to play Hardcore , just make sure you pick more Life nodes rather than Damage nodes.

Any questions please feel free to ask on my stream! Www.twitch.tv/Sidefxmayinclde or Click this image! please dont forget to FOLLOW to know when i go live!

3.1/3.2 So FAR
Ok so now that we are a bit into abyss league I want to go over somethings about the build.

1. I tested w/
and no matter what I tried always felt weaker so atm I dont think its worth using.

Is a VERY nice helm for speed clearing which is what the build is for, You would use a different helm for bossing (when i say bossing i mean actual bosses such as shaper/guardians) /spoiler]

Is basicly BiS atm with the loss of Vaal pact and I would highly recommend it.

4. I think Shroud of the lightless (Chest) will be a BiS for us, i sadly am too poor to buy one and test it out atm. Will get back to to you on this.

5. Ancestral Call is broken YES USE IT.

is close to the type of jewels you will be looking for ob a 4 stat will be better.

7.Elder/Shaper items will be Best in slot for the yellow items but to get those perfect stats will take a long time, the main one I would aim for is a 4l with a sudo 6+ link for your Ancestral set up.

8. The Tree has changed a bit, did some testing and found that this current POB tree is the best to go with.

Bandits :

We are going to help Alira (Mana Regen, Crit Multi,Resist)

Required Uniques:
Touch of Anguish Imperial Claw
- Your main weapon when you reach level 68 : Allows you to have a "chain" to your projectiles at max frenzy charges (amazing for clear) also adds a nice bonus to cold damage.

Jewel - Fight for Survival x2
- jewel that gives us incresed cold damage, cold pen and proj speed. amazing jewel.

My Standard FB

Gear to Aim for!

My current items

(Decent Clear helm if you dont mind dying randomly)

Stat Priority/Flask
Life - Elemental Resistances - Crit chance/multi - % cold damage - attack speed

Flasks : Taste Of Hate - Atziri's Promise - The Wise Oak - Life Flask - Quicksilver or Diamond Flask

Gem links
6-Link Setup:

Frost Blades -> Weapon Ele Dmg -> Multistrike -> Ancestral Call/Ruthless -> Hypothermia -> Added Cold
In 5l you sub out Hypothermia ( NO ICE BITE IS NOT BETTER) AOE/Trash use Ancestral Call - Bosses Sub in Ruthless

4-Link Setups:

Herald of Ice -> Curse On Hit -> Assassin's Mark –> Hatred
Orb of Storms -> Curse On Hit -> Power Charge on Crit –> Frostbite
Ancestral Warchieft -> Elemental Damage w/ Attacks –> Conc Effect -> Melee Physical Damage

3-Link Setups:

Whirling Blades -> Faster attacks –> Fortify
CWDT (lv1) -> Immortal Call (lv3) -> Ice golem (you can lv max and self cast)



Raider: Way of the Poacher - Avatar if the Slaughter - Rapid Assault - Avatar of the Chase

Skill Trees: -

40 points:
Starting w/ a Ewars and a Lycosadai shield is very strong.http://poeurl.com/bpLz

60 points: [spoiler]If yo u want to here you can use a strong ele foil in your OH and start goin into DW early. http://poeurl.com/bpLF

90 points:[spoiler] http://poeurl.com/bpLH - Wasp nest fist weapons are AMAZING starter weapons before Touch of anguish!
120 points: 3.6* UPDATED 03/12/2018
In the final tree you respec some nodes and transition into DW and crit
http://poeurl.com/cjZw[/spoiler] [/spoiler]

Tips and tricks:

1. Make sure you position yourself correctly at ALL times , it will make the game easier and safer. Good positioning is key and will come with experience.
2. The passive skill tree is a guide , if you at any given time feel that you lack either damage or life , feel free to pick it ,this will not affect your progression at all.
3. Use Frost Blades/Wild Strike for leveling , but remember to keep Frost Blades in your free sockets if you decide not to actively use them so you can continue leveling it.
4. You can use ANY weapon to level! ( I recommend 2x Foils for crit/attack speed) Feel free to pick your leveling weapons yourself,whether it`s an Axe , Mace or Sword.
5. With 86% cold pen, your single target wont be lacking as hard as it may have in the past with the skill. The initial hit does a decent chunk.
6. Your tooltip DPS will NOT show your true damage as it only counts Frost Blades initial damage which is not a projectile attack. Your true damage should be almost triple what your tooltip dps says.

Check out my most recent build!

My other builds

3.2 Poets pen/Perm Immortal Call - Scion - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2058607
3.0 Kaio-Ken Scion Discharge : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1991163
3.0 Mjolner Velocity: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1947046
2.6 Dreamfeather Wildstrike: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1877155
3.1 Caustic arrow: Occultist https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1886332
3.1 Caustic arrow: Trickster https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1931405
3.0 Dark Harakiri: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1968608
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Nice and in-depth guide. Looking forward to when you post videos to go along with it
Very nice Guide. It is easy for me to follow. Looking forward to see the video version of the guide. Thanks for the great guide. Keep up the awesome work!!!!
The unique gem only gives Cold Pen on the initial melee hit right? So the rest of the projectiles shouldn't benefit from it at all? Unless I'm mistaking how Frost Blade works.
Reiv_Corvus wrote:
The unique gem only gives Cold Pen on the initial melee hit right? So the rest of the projectiles shouldn't benefit from it at all? Unless I'm mistaking how Frost Blade works.

When a item states it as a "whole" aka Frost Blades the projectile is not a separate skill but part of the skill.
This looks like it will be a fun and exciting build. Hope to see some Vids soon and will check out the stream in the meantime.
When a item states it as a "whole" aka Frost Blades the projectile is not a separate skill but part of the skill.

Hm that seems to contradict with everything I've read from GGG. If that were the case it would just say "Frost Blades damage penetrates 15% cold resistance", instead of specifying "Frost Blades melee damage"?
videos plz?
"Good thing they nerfed the carto, it wasn't fun to find one in every map." - Haborym
Im currently live video should be up in a day or so. :)
You can save a point by pathing differently. Instead of 10 int you can grab +30 (which will be kinda must).


a bit low on life tho
I represent only myself, my own thought and believes. I am individual, not a representative of the community.
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3.13 was the golden age. Down the drain we go.
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