[3.0] Sidefx's Dark Harakiri - DP for Deep Pockets *Budget version included*

Hello, I'm Sidefxmayinclde
I wanted to play something decently speedy this league while using one of the new skills, but also wanted it to be able to most content or MF as well. That's how this Dark Pact build was born. This guide will be updated overtime with more information as i progress into the league.

PoB 3.0 Dark Harakiri - Dark Pact

FAQ - Read here first
Currently no questions asked yet, will update as they are asked

+ Fast Fast Fast
+Fun skill to play with also looks great
+ Capable of doing all content as well as being a speed farmer
+ Magic finds very easy

- Can become expensive esp to min max
- Requires multiple items to go from speed to bosser ect.
- DP can be confusing to a new player with how it works

This build focuses on speed farming maps with magic find gear but then being able to switch gear and go run shaper or uber farming. This build can run all map mods except cannot regen/leech. Since we do pure chaos damage Ele reflect does not do anything to us!

Any questions please feel free to ask on my stream! Www.twitch.tv/Sidefxmayinclde or Click this image! please dont forget to FOLLOW to know when i go live!

Bandits :

Kill all for 2 points!

Budget gear (my current gear)

More min/maxed Mf gear
https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/Moneru/characters Name DarkPerfected *Please do not spam him with questions (his request)

Gear Overview/Bossing swaps

Bossing weapon options/swaps . If you want to shield charge use a crit/spell/mutli dagger + spell crit shield. If you want more damage + tankiness of shield use Apep's + spell crit shield. If you don't care about the defensive part of the shield run dual apeps. If you want to run a 6L pledge on weapon swap you'd drop swap out spell echo for arcane surge in main links on. If you using Pledge you would use Cherrumbins chest for bossing.

Helm options - As much life as possible. str + life + dual res is ideal. Big money option is essence of horror crafted helm but that is being super ambitious.

Chest options - Carcass Jack for mapping. The Covenant/Cherrubims for bossing. Both options are fairly close in dps. Cherrubims is very hard to color.

Ring options - Diamond rings with life and res. -Big money option - Envy crafted diamond rings

Amulet options - Biscos with high quant for mapping. Rare ammy with crit multi/spell damage/ life/ res. Big money option - Envy crafted amulet with life/ res.

Glove options - Fingerless silk gloves with life/res. -Big money option - Fingerless silk gloves crafted with insanity.

Belt - Leather belt with life/res. -Big money belt options - Headhunter for mapping. Envy crafted leather for bossing. The retch is the best bossing belt option as it takes your dps when you take a savage hit and doubles it as chaos damage and puts it on the target

Boots - Two toned boots life and res -Big money option - Tri res life arm boots

Flask- Quicksilver/Diamond of warding/Silver of Heat/Sulphur of staunching. Options - Dying sun/Doedres elixer ( for proccing savage hit)/ or Life potion of choice


MAJOR: Soul of the Brine King
MINOR: Soul of Abberath

Gem links
Gem Levels are most important in this build! Buying a corrupted 20/20 on Added chaos and DP is the best way to get started. (HUGE DPS BOOST)

6-Link Setup:

Dark Pact -> Void Manip -> Spell Echo -> Added Chaos Damage -> Controlled Destruction -> Increased Aoe/Conc AoE

4-Link Setups:

Blade Vortex (lv 8) -> Curse On Hit -> Assassin's Mark –> Cast When Damage Taken (lv 2)
Faster Casting -> Wither -> Spell Totem Support –> increased Duration
Shield Charge -> Fortify Support –> Faster Attacks -> Herald of Thunder

3-Link Setups:

Vaal Haste -> Summon Lightning Golem –> Increased Duration
Cast when damage taken (lv2) -> Haste - Immortal Call(lv 3)

Berserker: Pain Reaver - Crave the Slaughter - Aspect of Carnage - Cloaked in Savagery

Skill Trees

My other builds
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Was planning to play Dark Pact as my next build. Already had my tree/gear planned out as well but different ideas are always a bonus.

Solid guide, definitely reserved. Gonna have to play the big D version though like Moneru XD.
Free Game.
Ya, vaal pact+ cloaked in savagry. May as well play something else that does a lot better, for cheaper. speaking from experience. Waste of time.
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This build is FAR from a waste of time. Fastest clearing build in the game atm
Seems nice, i'm gonna try this with my next toon to have a fast mapper!
What's been your experience on bosses up to T15? I know it will take some different gear (from speed clearing) but still quick with the right gear? Trying to decide on a DP build for my next character.
azkinger wrote:
What's been your experience on bosses up to T15? I know it will take some different gear (from speed clearing) but still quick with the right gear? Trying to decide on a DP build for my next character.

in my current gear 5l/and really budges i can do t13 (have not tried past yet) but my pal who is the super geared one, shred all content SUPER quick.
Going live now! come ask questions/hang out Twitch.tv/Sidefxmayinclde Will be playing this build a bit on stream, come check it out. *im using the budget gear version atm.
Is it better to level via Sunder (picking RT and unspec later), for example, or do you play as Dark Pact once you are able to use the skill gem? I was thinking Sunder because of the leveling unique Axes etc. but don't know how good is the single target with DP while leveling for bosses. I assume that clearing areas is very good hehe

Thanks for taking the time to post guides!
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Can you suggest an early game setup? Never levelled a Marauder before so I have no clue what to do in terms of gems/leveling uniques

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