Ancient Reliquary Key

Haven't found one yet and I'm currently lvl 72 in Act4. My guildies have been finding them every now and then though. I hope I find one soon.
lvl 81, grinding all the time. got 0 now.
Found one in cruel, can't even use it yet
Over 40 Hours and not one... (ssf)
2 Exalted and 3 6Link but not a fucking key :D
So i am at Lvl 82 now. No exalt, no 6 link, no reliq, not a single unique i can get some chaos out of it.

I also ran merc act 1 to 3 right now again to see if i can drop one in the "story".

Played something like 40h now (including trading, eating and going to toilet)

Guess my rng is sleeping.. thats what i do now, cause work is calling tomorrow.

have a good grind guys.
I don't like how are they executed in game. Not only they are really rare, but they still can be total junk which I think is unacceptable. I would make them really really rare, but so they can drop ONLY valuable items.
Completed 3 ChallengesShagsbeard wrote:

Here's the problem with that: Some of us have completely substituted our sense of accomplishment with the acquisition of rare items in a game. We don't feel anything when a portal scroll drops. We get a twinkle when a fusing drops, and a "gee wiz" when a Chaos Orb falls. But it takes a really really rare trigger to get us to feel like something important has happened. That's why we play these games for years. Those "once a week" kind of feelings, or even "once in a blue moon". Without that, the game would only last us a couple weeks and we'd move on.

Is that true for a majority of the players though?

Completed 22 ChallengesSlaanesh69 wrote:
Perhaps another game is for you?

Nobody wants to erode the population, but there has never been any question that this particular game is deeply RNG-based, trade-heavy, and caters more to poop-sockers than the three-day-a-week for a couple of hours.

That's all I am saying.

And I seriously believe if this game started leaning towards the casual increased drop rate crowd it would die quickly.

Do you have any numbers to back that up? Usually the casual faction makes up like 95% of a game's population. I believe the statistics GGG posted about Breach league achievements kind of back that up.
Tha casual gamer's are also usually the ones with some money to spend since they have jobs. The hardcore crew mostly consists of college students and the like with a lot of time but little money on their hands.

The game has been growing a lot over the last patches I believe. Would be interesting to see what the majority of new players think about this part of the game's design. It isn't something you realize until later on and I am curious how many people it causes to quit once it is discovered.

I am looking at this from a company's point of view. A handful of veteran players on the forums saying: "But it has always been this way and that is good!" doesn't really make much of an argument in my opinion.

So the question is can you make more people stay with the carrot or with the promise of a wide variety of crazy builds they can test. Cause PoE is really good at the latter (even if there are always only a handful of "meta" builds). The former a lot of MMOs offer as their base line of game design anyway.
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1 relic open and

Can be better but also worse
Lol so much tears.

If keys are so important to you, just sell your crap and buy keys. Easy. Farming currency isn't hard.

Im lvl 66 and ive sold stuff for about 1,5ex already. thats about 2-3 keys. And i'm leveling.

Gotten 3 keys so far (1 from dried lake, others from mapping). As you can see, I didn't get anything.
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