What to Expect in the Coming Weeks

Abielail wrote:
Too bad you guys lost a customer over xb1.

LOL - Lost one and will gain many with another platform. Pretty good math I think.
AsbelFar wrote:
overdrag wrote:
I hope there will be some hideout updates.

Oh yes please buff Tora's large hideout. Please give us access to this northern island : http://i.imgur.com/pVl6sR6.jpg

I would go back to Tora's HO in a minute if we had that space.
~ GD might not be the best place to ask that question. Nubatron 2020
~ I will change my forum avatar when Templars get pants and a staff on the beach.
franko79 wrote:
So xbox version is not ready yet? Or you need to make 3.0 more casual because it was too hard on consoles? My hype for new addon is very low. I will wait and see.

U realize XB1 version will be separated from this one?...
Xavathos wrote:
hushpuppi3 wrote:
Xavathos wrote:

"DemiDemon" So will 3.0.0 include a master who can craft jewels? It seems like a logical thing to include one and jewels have been in the game a while now.

Hmm. But buffing jewels even more with another crafted mod on top of how OP they already are would make creating builds a sort of extension of Bejeweled.

Unless you gave them 4 mods max, but that would make exalts worthless on jewels.

I don't see how that would be balanced.

I think what he meant was being able to craft a 4th mod onto rare jewels that only have 3 mods

Yes, but that's what I meant too, it would reduce the value of exalts by a LOT on jewels if you can just craft a 4th mod on it. Unless of course the craft costs an exalt.

Stupid 3 quote max. Anyway, Chris said around here somewhere that they do not plan to have a Jewel Master because of the 4 mod limit and the relative power of crafting against a 4 mod limit vs. 6 mod.
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I just hope it stops all the "Failed To Join Instance"....
we will announce full details of our upcoming 2.6.0 challenge league, which will begin on Friday March 3 (US time)

Will the Passive Skill Tree be reseted when the 2.6.0 be released on March 3th?
Noooo, i hope 2.6 is way over the top or i'm not gonna make it :(
Some hype i must admit...
... nothing
za hype is real
we will announce our long-awaited 3.0.0 expansion on Tuesday, February 14 (US time).

So, any idea what time? It's erm, the 14th in America.

Edit: Ahha! https://twitter.com/pathofexile/status/831427141430423552
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