What to Expect in the Coming Weeks

So there will be no break between the end of the Breach league and the beginning of the next league? I had hoped for a couple of weeks of racing or something.
So hyped! Woot

Bah, Missed 1st page, ah well.

I'm excited to see what 2.6.0 brings, as well as the long-awaited Act V that 3.0.0-- brings!
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Abielail wrote:
Too bad you guys lost a customer over xb1.

11211 never forget
A "deterministic" way to waste your time

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Abielail wrote:
Too bad you guys lost a customer over xb1.

Yeah it's a damn shame alright. Hey enjoy all those other amazing free to play Action RPG's out there right now...
They've mentioned they wanted to end great with 2.X era so I bet it's flashback league again

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Will GGG be doing a fan meetup anywhere in the USA?

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