Yesterday we mentioned that we're holding a Press Tour next week in California! This was correctly interpreted as implicit confirmation that we'll be announcing some big new content quite soon. As you guys love announcements of announcements, today's news post goes into more detail on what dates you can expect to hear more information!

We're holding a press tour on the week of February 6-10. During this week, we're going to show dozens of media outlets an exclusive look at the upcoming content that we have been working on. So far our press schedule is the busiest it has ever been, as Path of Exile is more popular than it has ever been before.

With the help of these journalists, we will announce our long-awaited 3.0.0 expansion on Tuesday, February 14 (US time). Two days later, on Thursday the 16th, we will announce full details of our upcoming 2.6.0 challenge league, which will begin on Friday March 3 (US time). The release date of 3.0.0 is currently not decided, but it's likely that the Beta will start at some stage during the second half of the 2.6.0 challenge league.

We've been working on this 3.0.0 content since we released The Awakening in 2015 and are really looking forward to sharing it with you.
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