| 3.0 | Electro Cyclone | T17 DOWN |

Used Brain rattler before it was buffed #spin4life

If you like spinning, lightning, draining enemies life right from their faces, and dealing with end game - Welcome!

My 3.1 Ranged Slayer guide is here:

You can check Videos on my Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyz73jLc9SQXAR6CsXwnG9Q

[NEW PC IS HERE! I will stream a few days per week at 9pm GMT+3 and sometime at 6am] https://www.twitch.tv/gepmah1

IMPORTANT NOTE: guys, I'm always glad to help you. But, if you caught me in game, please don't ask me to check your gear! Post it here and I'll take a look once have time. Answering other question in game is ok! Thanks;)

Updates last [11.09.2017]
-new endgame tree
-item changes
-Vaal Pact! Now we can deal with reflect!!

Now you can choose between 2 versions of this build, RT or EO. RT - cheaper/less damage up to t15. EO - little expensive to get accuracy on gear/more damage/end game viable.
- WE GOT BUFF!!! Now Brain Rattler has 20% lightning pen!!!! GREAT!

- added jewel section

- Updated tree, now only RT version
- The Wise Oak FLASK!!!

- Q/A section added
- New DPS Screenshots

- many of you have asked for a leveling tree, added)
- Have a lot of currency and want to increase DPS? - Alternative 3 aura tree is just for you!
- Video section is added! Excavation is first, more will be soon.

- High garden video
- Abyss video
- Shrine video
- The Retch belt chaos damage explained

- Minotaur video

- New tree
- PoB link
- Resolving issues section added
- Gear section is updated
- Gem changes

- PoB updated, now there are 2 versions with BiS items and decent.
- lvl 91 passive tree updated

- Blood rage Q/A

Pantheon choice added

Lvling guide added! Atlast)

Pros Cons
- the sweet sound of electricity
- 8k-10k HP
- gear is relatively cheap/upgradable
- stun/knockback immunity while spinning
- melee!!! (I like melee)

- need to wait until someone kills Minotaur to get the mace
- can`t run "ele reflect" and "no leech" (you actually can run ele reflect, just don`t play some crazy over buffed maps)


why do you use Blood rage?
Blood Rage is a great source of attack speed and frenzy charges for faster clearing.

Lately, a lot of you are asking if it's mandatory or not. Well, in this build nothing is mandatory besides Brain rattler mace. You can adjust things up to your preferences.

Can you farm Uber lab?
For sure, just be careful with traps as you have no life regeneration, you could also drop VP. It takes me 5-10 min to finish the lab (depends on layout)

Can you kill Atziri?
Childs play

Uber Atziri?
Haven`t tried her, but pretty sure yes

Breach lords?
Cyclone IS made as breach destroyer, easily deal with all breach lords (haven`t tried Chayula though)

I want to run Ele reflect map D:
If you vaaled really important map and get ele reflect, just do the following:
- drop Phys to lightning gem, WED, and wear Sibyls lament instead of Death rush. If your res are matched (like 136% all) be sure to use Wise Oak flask all the time.

[I`m not guilty of your deaths]

Path of Building
You can check the build in the PoB with this code:
- perfect gear lvl 91: pastebin.com/8rWh96MZ
- decent gear lvl 91: pastebin.com/FKLRsKf2

Resolving issues

- Lacking int? Put Brute force solution Jewel in the socket in the Duelist area.
- If you lack mana for Leap slam, link it to the Blood magic gem.
- First of all, with new tree and auras the damage difference is around 500k. (up to 1.5kk with BiS items)
- I had some issue with sustaining mana while dealing with Guardians, Tireless wheel helps to cover cyclone high mana cost (down to 39 from 47 mana per use)
- 155 int is no longer required, only 111, if you struggle with it, just put Brute force solution Jewel under Duelist area socket.
- Previous clearing radius was pretty crappy, let`s face it. Now it`s 19 with conc

and 27 with increased area

!!! SPIN 4 LIFE !!!

3.0 tree


It's being a looooong time right? :D

First of all, this leveling section is based on what I'm personally doing. Going 2handed melee right away.

List of useful uniques: Limbsplit (lvl 13), Reaper's pursuit (lvl 33), The Cauteriser (lvl 40), Kaom's primacy(lvl 58), Hezmana's bloodlust(lvl 64). At the beginning of the league, you can't get Brain rattler, so use one of these or a good high phys 2 handed axe/mace.

- Our first point on the tree is Butchery node, for faster clearing and boss killing (lvl 14~)
- At lvl 12 grab Sunder from Nessa, we will use it until cyclone is comfy.
- lvl 20~ you'll get Resolute technique Keystone, no missing from now on!

- You should travel down to the Duelist area, get Wrecking ball, Golem's blood, Destroyer, Master of the Arena, Bravery, and Art of the Gladiator nodes. (lvl 40~)

I'm finishing 1st lab at lvl 33 with Reaper's pursuit axe. (grab Pain reaver for life/mana leeching, using cyclone from now, but you can stick to Sunder)

- With Cauteriser axe, you can deal with Cruel, Merc labs, and achieve lvl 63 for Brain rattler.

- From now on, we will grab life nodes: Tireless, Constitution, Barbarism, Juggernaut, Bloodless (lvl 50~) (Cruel lab down - Crave the slaughter)

- Start traveling toward Vaal pact. Grab Finesse, Heart of Oak, Coordination, Blood siphon, Trickery. (lvl 60~) Once Act 10 Kitava defeated, your max res will be decreased, make sure to complete Merc lab before killing him. (Cloaked in savagery - facetank enabled, grab Vaal pact right after this)

- The last move: grab Devotion, Bone breaker, Bloody bludgeon, missing life nodes and jewel sockets.

- If your INT is insufficient, grab any +30 INT nodes on the tree, until you can get enough from gear.

- Go for Uber Lab once your life reaches 5k+ If you're missing trials - go to the Global channel #820, people share trials for free.

If I missed something - Please let me know!

Gear choices

I will post Best in slot items here. You can change them according to your wealth lvl.

We have only 1 choice here, Brain Rattler
Good damage, 50% phys to lightning, 20% lightning pen. This build revolves around it!


Kaom`s heart is BiS, gives ton of flat HP, bringing us to the point of 8k+ HP. Belly of the beast can be a good chest until Kaom is available.


Eternal Burgonet, with high life roll, 2 res, some int if you`re lacking it. Best enchantment is 15% cyclone attack speed.


Belt of the Deceiver is BiS on my opinion. Intimidation increases monsters damage taken by 10%, Crit survivability, damage increase, and life.
If you feel you`re lacking survivability, you can always grab leather belt with high life rolls, weapon elemental damage, and res. But even with Belt of the Deceiver, you can achieve almost 9k life at lvl91.


This amulet is awesome because of +2 weapon range, which is a great buff for our clearspeed,
10% movespeed and 60% increased damage is also great. (You don`t have to corrupt it btw.)


Death rush is totally great due to Onslaught (20% increased movement, attack and cast speed), also grants 30sh% chaos res, some life, and armor.

The second ring is really important, it MUST have life, FLAT PHYS, and 2 res. Elemental damage and attack speed is secondary.

So, why is having flat phys on a ring is so important? - Because it will be increased by phys modifiers firstly, then converted to lightning and increased again by elemental modifiers.


Spiked gloves are great because of built in 20% increased melee damage. First of all, you are looking for life and needed res. The secondary is attack speed and flat phys. Super OP and luxury - corrupted with Curse enemies with elemental weakness on hit. THIS IS GLOBAL, any damage dealt to a monster curse him!
If you`ve found gloves with needed stats + this corruption - take it! screw spiked gloves!


Titan Greaves/two toned boots are best. Max life roll, 30% move speed (no less than 15%), 2 or 3 res.
Best enchantment is 16% increased Attack and cast speed if you`ve killed recently.

The new flask "The Wise Oak" is super OP!!! Just match all the uncapped resistances and you`ll have extra 20% pen and 10% reduction from elemental damage!!!

Lions Roar will save you in tricky situations with a nice bonus of armor and MORE damage.

Atziri promise will add a lot of damage due to our high phys damage and elemental damage. OP with this build. Just use it, it`s cheap.

Another flask is Taste of Hate, greatly mitigate phys damage with a bonus to our attacks. You can switch between Wise oak and ToH depending on bosses (elemental or phys)

Remember to cap your res (minimum 136%)

This is an example of a great end game jewel:

Best jewels should have:
- life
- damage, mace damage, two-handed damage, area damage.
- attack speed, AS and cast speed, AS with two handed, AS with maces.
- resistances as needed.


Our main 6l gem set up will look like this:

Cyclone - Phys to lightning - Melee phys damage - Elemental damage with attacks - Concentrated effect/Increased area (just switch Conc for bosses, Increased area for clearing)
The last gem would be either Elemental focus or Ruthless Ele focus gives consistent 49% more ele damage with 130% mana multiplier. Ruthless, gives 113% more damage to every third sequence of attacks (37% more damage on average) have 110% mana multiplier and you can apply shock. I've tested both and they are great, just pick one of them.

Hatred - Herald of ash and choice:
Blood rage - attack speed/frenzys
Vaal lightning trap - 15% more damage
Vaal Haste - attack/movement speed
Enduring cry - Endurance charges=tankiness

Leap slam - Fortify - Ancestral protector - Culling strike/Faster attacks (if you`re gonna kill Guardian or Shaper, better to cull him right? :D)

CWDT set up:
CWDT(20) - Bladefall - Immortal call and you have choice here:
Lightning golem - 9% attack speed
Enfeeble - defences
Elemental weakness - reduces enemies resistances = more damage

2 points are best - KILL EM ALL!

Normal - Pain reaver (life/mana leech)
Cruel - Crave the Slaughter (nice bonuses to speed and attack speed)
Merc - Cloaked in Savagery (Facetanking mode enabled xD)
Uber - Aspect of Carnage (our main damage boost!)

Pantheon choices

Major gods:
1. Brine king - useless

2. Lunaris for fast clearing (1% additional Physical Damage Reduction for each nearby Enemy, up to 8%
1% increased Movement Speed for each nearby Enemy, up to 8%, 10% chance to avoid Projectile Damage, 5% chance to Dodge Attacks and Spells if you've been Hit Recently, Avoid Projectiles that have Chained)

3. Solaris for bosses (6% Physical Damage Reduction if there is only one nearby Enemy
20% chance to take 50% less Area Damage from Hits, 8% reduced Elemental Damage taken if you haven't been Hit Recently, Take no Extra Damage from Critical Strikes if you have taken a Critical Strike Recently, 50% chance to avoid Ailments from Critical Strikes)

4. Arakaali - if you want ot run some crazy overbuffed map with Vulnerability and desecrated ground. Also can help to sustain Blood rage (not recommended though)

Minor gods:
1. Yugul is best in slot (25% reduced Reflected Damage taken
25% chance to Reflect Enemy Chills and Freezes, 5% reduced Cold Damage taken if you've been Hit Recently)

2. Abberath for maps with Burning ground (5% reduced Fire Damage taken while moving
Unaffected by Burning Ground, 10% increased Movement Speed while on Burning Ground
50% reduced Ignite Duration on You)

3. Ryslatha is good for Labs (Life Flasks gain 3 Charges every 3 seconds if you haven't used a Life Flask Recently)

4. Gruthkul is good for fast attacking bosses (1% additional Physical Damage Reduction for each Hit you've taken Recently up to a maximum of 5%, Enemies that have Hit you with an Attack Recently have 8% reduced Attack Speed)


(old tree without Vaal pact)
conc, golem, warchief, blood rage, 5 frenzy, Vaal haste, lions roar, and Atziri promise

(Tooltip doesn`t count lightning penetration, so your actual DPS is twice higher)

There are still a lot of room for improvement like gems quality, better ammy/rings etc.

Hideout with lightning pen

Hideout with conc

Fully buffed with lightning pen/flasks

Fully buffed with conc/flasks


First stream with new PC. Beachhead T15 map boss fight!

High garden map (t13) ele weakness/twinned [I had 44% res]

Abyss map (t15) unidentified. Testing the Retch double dipping >:D

Minotaut down in 1:10 min(with respawn) (t16) my 4th try (Retch showing some good DPS there)

Feel free to ask questions and suggest improvements (I need them!)
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How do you keep up your mana? Glove enchant?
How are you going to leech with the physical attack damage nodes if you plan to go 100% conversion?
I'm curious on how you sustain yourself? Mana and Health wise. I assume with so much armor your life pool is adequate? Also, regarding Elemental Overload isn't it more cost effective, and generally better to just go with RT? I mean you're never going to miss. 40% damage cant make up for hundreds of thousands of dps can it?

Edit:1 What about starforged? it has a lot more damage than that mace. You could always get jewels with %shock chance so you could still leech?
Last edited by Dagnius on Jan 30, 2017, 10:01:05 PM
some questions:

how do u think sustain mana/life without leech
and how do u think u come to 2m dps ?

this is ur setup with conc 5 frenzy/endu, AProtector, EO, shock and full dmg jewels (with BIS gear ofc):

(didnt stack res in gear, just calculated dmg)

and btw u play phys to lightning with that mace means u have 100% phys to lightning, so phys leech has no effect

here is a switch in ur tree for life/mana leech. switched out phys leech and some armor/life notes for the attack mana/life leech notes (loose around 150 life and 3k armor)

My Builds & Hideouts: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2083383
Hideout Community Discord: https://discord.gg/B2xQkmf
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Dralanorr
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/guggelhupf
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He could run blasmphemy + warlords but that pretty much removes another aura
First of all, thanks for looking at my build guys. I really appreciate your help!

Dokasha wrote:
How do you keep up your mana? Glove enchant?

tazeko wrote:
How are you going to leech with the physical attack damage nodes if you plan to go 100% conversion?

guggelhupf wrote:
how do u think sustain mana/life without leech. and btw u play phys to lightning with that mace means u have 100% phys to lightning, so phys leech has no effect

Dagnius wrote:
I'm curious on how you sustain yourself? Mana and Health wise.

Thanks for noticing, I totally missed phys leech. Currently, I`m leveling with Poacher`s mark. I`ve changed the tree to leech mana and life from attacks.

Dagnius wrote:
I assume with so much armor your life pool is adequate? Also, regarding Elemental Overload isn't it more cost effective, and generally better to just go with RT? I mean you're never going to miss. 40% damage cant make up for hundreds of thousands of dps can it?

Edit:1 What about starforged? it has a lot more damage than that mace. You could always get jewels with %shock chance so you could still leech?

Life pool will have around 6k hp. Depends on your gear.

Regarding RT, one of my biggest points in this build is Undeniable ascendancy point. With RT we have absolutely no use for it. That said, you can pick another class for this build)
Also, without EO we will loose more than 100k damage in combat.

I don`t like mainstream like Starforge, in addition, my build requires elemental damage, and Starforge deal NO elemental damage. It would be absolutely different build.

guggelhupf wrote:
and how do u think u come to 2m dps ?

this is ur setup with conc 5 frenzy/endu, AProtector, EO, shock and full dmg jewels (with BIS gear ofc):

(didnt stack res in gear, just calculated dmg)

Dude, I think I`ve counted my attack speed 2 times!!! OH MY, so we have only half a million dps output, but that`s still not bad at all. I`ll change the topic :D Thanks!

I`ve thought on this build today, added different stuff like jewels, vaal haste, conductivity curse and a possibility to switch determination for Hatred.The output is crazy. Almost doubled my effective DPS!!!

With Determination, you`ll have 53k armor/853k effective DPS.
With Hatred 35k armor/979k effective DPS.

noobsheet build, wish u a good reroll.
Perandus SC: Chthonian_ 87+ flamme totam x2
GIMP_shdw, shadow 90+ clawtank
_FIRE_IN_THE_HOLE_, witch 96+ mjollnir
Tested to lvl 80 with Berserker. Going really well! I might post some screenshots when 6l something.

Dropped 2 ex with him in a few hours <3

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