2.5.2d Patch Notes

I'm having the error"Disconnected from patching server before patching completed".Is this supposed to be a Real patch update or is this an error that something doesn't let me run POE
Since today i keep getting the error " disconnected failed to connect to instance " randomly when entering different instance.. :/ DX11
same for me failed to connect instance cause crash randomly :/ dx11
Same issue here. Failed to connect to instance
Please GGG could you keep us informed about the progression of the fix for the diferents issu, because right now its unplayable, disconected whene entering 1/2 portal, also what about the performance issu fix progression ? i trust in you to fix everything i'm just asking for info thanks guys !
Had and still have tons of "Disconnected Failed to connect to instance" starting with today.
What the hell are you doing, this is the worst gameplay I've ever had with this game.
My game crash every time when piety change his form on cruel difficult.
I change my video card with integrate - same thing.
Windows 8.1
I use last updates on everything.
I cant play the game.
Is POE dead? I mean havent been able to play since patch and no updates from the devs in a week.
they still working how to fix last update ? still game is unplayable, its been 5 days or more !! post something GGG
No seriously now, last message posted the 27/01 ( 10 days ! ) DO SOMETHING keep us informed PLEASE we are getting really fed up right now, + i instant died in a map i checked the aura of the few mob around nothing strange only regular skeletons -6k HP in an instant, i'm pissed ...
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