2.5.2d Patch Notes

Could you skip the 2.5.2 update and put 2.5.3, because it looks like this patch is cursed hahaha, FPS issu, now memory, btw is the optimisation issu fixed now ?
are u serious? the game crashes every time i press P. lol you guys are unbelievable.

also, when i go to char selection the game crashes all the time/ my buddy reports the same. can you guys fix your stuff pls?
We're reverting this patch for now because there are a few people who say they are crashing due to it and we're not sure how widespread that is. We'll redeploy once we know it's safe.

Henry_GGG wrote:
Magnius wrote:
I can also confirm after the patch I am noticing what appears to be a memory leak also. The game is fine for maybe one map, but when I change zones, change characters, or just let it sit the game drops way down from 200+ FPS to 28 (I have a GTX 980Ti for reference with 64 gigs of ram).

Seems like a memory leak to me.


Would you be able to post or PM me your Dxdiag dump, and look in your client.txt file for the following block of text:
2017/01/24 12:44:49 88075390 206 [INFO Client 10196] [DirectX] Runtime version =
2017/01/24 12:44:49 88075390 207 [INFO Client 10196] [DirectX] Feature Level =
2017/01/24 12:44:49 88075390 208 [INFO Client 10196] [DirectX] Driver Command Lists =
2017/01/24 12:44:49 88075390 209 [INFO Client 10196] [DirectX] Driver Concurrent Creates =
2017/01/24 12:44:49 88075390 20a [INFO Client 10196] [DirectX] Driver Constant Buffer Offsetting =

I am trying to recreate the issue but not sure how to capture it. Do I just open the command prompt and use the dxdiag command then save it and find that block of info?

Edit: Nvm, patch reverted. But figured it out anyhow.
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I cancelled this patch to change my ISP but after. patch wont start anymore says ggpk file corrupted.
I can't even get into the game after this patch. When it goes into full screen I get an error that stops and crashes the client after which I get the message path of exile has encountered a problem and needs to close. I don't even make it to the log in screen lol
Oh cool now we can't play anymore haha this patch is cursed and will be remembered as the most evil patch ever made, i think we will be able to play at around patch "2.5.2G" hahaha i'm just kidding :D ( or not )
The lag since recent patches is impressive for my rig.

bye bye 60 fps
Archives, https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2206812
Updated to 2.5.2d, launched the game in DX9 mode, got a bit (around +10) fps, but stuttering is also increased dramatically and does not go lower after playing of some time. Pressing [P] button results in light_blue-red graphical artifact in the left-top corner of the screen, death-freeze & drivers crash, even without recovery.. fixed only with rebooting.

Well, this patch probably one of the worstest.. at least you are revert this. (Not like with one of older patches that makes the game unplayable for bunch of users and your are ignore such problem like 3-4 weeks in a row, i hope you will never do this again)
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