2.5.2d Patch Notes

Completed 16 ChallengesSexcalibure wrote:

200% LOL. This should go viral. :P
still nothing, still lags, for how long ?

cant do maps, cant do daily misions for almost 5 days. Best solution is sitting in hideout where latency is low. In maps its like 1000+

How long its gona take... ???!!
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Ok game is unplayable. I thought it was me but I've tried 3 internets and loads of other stuff.
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forgot that every time you change to dx11, it makes your texture quality 1, the highest. I think other people should know about this so that could be another reason for poor performance.

Forget rotations, there's so much lag I fall way too behind. Gameplay is very difficult in t12+ maps because the lag means every time you get hit, you have to worry about whether you're going to be hit again. Please fix this. I've already decreased texture quality back to 5 and it does seem to have helped a bit.
I would like to tank you GGG for listening to players and put directx 11 support into the game! I stopped playing because of performance problems with POE vs my AMD gpu, an R9 280, but now the game is performing much better! Its not perfect when playing high tier maps with a group of people, but is much better! Im back to the game! Thank you!
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AMD Support pls ?! :) <3
my game is still 2.5.2c, why ??
Completed 26 ChallengesRafix123 wrote:
my game is still 2.5.2c, why ??

2.5.2d was rolled back.

Crashing issues.

And I guess that due to the amount of people experiencing performance issues all round, they are looking at working on a fix for the issues caused by the 2.5.2 patch in general.
Completed 26 ChallengesRafix123 wrote:
my game is still 2.5.2c, why ??

2.5.2d had a plethora of issues, main one being instance/MAP (global_area) crashing
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