Last week we revealed the winners of the Path of Exile Talent Competition. However, due to the extensive number of incredible entries we've extended the prize pool even further and are revealing another round of prize winners today!

Runner-ups Continued

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Sculpture of Triskeriaki by Thesnakepit

Sculpture by DSP8816

Daresso's Story by pafares

Guardian (Reshaped) by davoooooo

Music by Manevolent

Check out the track here.

Path of Exile Fan Art by wacalac

Twilight Strand model by Alysma

Fan Fiction by Skivverus

The grit beneath her cheek was a welcome reminder that she had, in fact, survived the storm and shoals they’d thrown her into. “Swim straight for shore,” they’d said. More eager to discharge their duties than to offer useful assistance, but then, the Oriathan legionnaires hadn’t earned the epithet of “Blackguards” through dereliction.
Given the crawling, quivering, hungry feeling the sand beneath her revealed to her more eldritch senses, however, one could certainly think of other reasons they might be reluctant to step ashore themselves. Beside her, the wand her gaolers had allowed her. Not much more than a twisted talisman of vine and driftwood to the Artless eye, but they’d been wary enough when they gave it to her. Her home, her Sisters, had burned; she might have as well had the sentence not been exile, had she displayed even a fraction of the fury roused when the mob had put its torches to her hut, ignorant of her absence, ignorant of the presence inside of a lonely, frightened, would-be mother. That memory of fire drew her eye to an iridescent, gilded jewel, flickering in the cradling palm of the fellow exile slumped against a log. The poor fool no doubt thought the Virtue of that gem proof against the weather, unaware of the toll it extracted from the wielder. No Sister of the Art would be so naive… though on closer inspection, he did appear to be impaled by that same log. The blood had ebbed to a mere trickle by now, the rest washed away by the rain and the tide. The gem likely was all that kept him alive by now. So much the worse for him, then. She stirred - and so, unnoticed by her companion of circumstance, did the corpse of a less able swimmer. He spoke, his voice haggard, harrowed from the struggle to shore, but she wasn’t listening. No, she mustered the will to stand, to reach down and take her makeshift wand - and to channel three shards of lethal force through it to finish what the log had started. Too late, at that: the corpse had already torn out his throat, and the bolts had in turn severed its spine. She plucked the gem from where it had spilled onto the sand; and a smile ghosted across her lips as she nestled it into a carefully-selected crevice of her instrument, the promise of fire whispering into her mind.

Sanctified Hybrid Flask by mr_Sky

Fan Art by kujalla

Clash of two Worlds by jackyan

Fan Art by Raboffsky

Doedre Darktongue Defeated by Yncke

Fan Art by lowpolyDragon

Path of Exile Card Game by leo_pand

An Amazing Adventure! Video by Areksander

True Face of God by basswaveX

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Grinding Gear Games
amazing work
Damn, we have so many talented people in the community. I love the guardian metal mix!
Frog in Yncke's artwork, It does look like Bobby Hill from King of the Hill

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Wow nice ones!
- Season 6 Rank: 666th
Oh damn! ._.
Congrats to all of the second round winners! :-)

Some awesome artwork in there, along with a ton of other creative works.
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So, my Dominus not even in runner-ups, damn, I'm a bit salty.
Congrats to the winners and runner-ups anyways!
PyramidHead41 wrote:
So, my Dominus not even in runner-ups, damn, I'm a bit salty.
Congrats to the winners and runner-ups anyways!

It was in one of my top picks for sure. Oh well. They had a ton of submissions. At least know yours was good, and others like me loved seeing it. :-)

At least GGG picked 4 out of my 8 top picks for the second round.
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Bah. This sucks. I wish I had thought of a card game idea myself, I even wrote a program to automate card game generation for something I'm working on (takes in a spreadsheet full of card values and image files, sends to ImageMagick, outputs cards as PNGs). I could have easily created something cool and MTG-flavored (there are quite a few MTG fans at GGG right?) and totally snagged this thing I bet!


But yeah, card game... where's our PoE TCG game? Totally needs to be divination-card inspired.
My Keystone Ideas:
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