[3.17] For Slayer / Champion - Ngamahu Cyclone / Consecrated Path / Tectonic Slam

haenic wrote:
Lunartuna wrote:


That sir is some nice MTX!

Mine is below, but not as creative as yours :). Phoenix armor with Infernal Axe skin.

Haha I don't know, I think like your mtx better than mine, you look like a god or something!

kira1414 wrote:

That armour rating from Iron Reflexes is impressive! Uber Izaro is probably a joke to you now.

He really is. Same with porcupines with crazy map mods, dont even need to flask for them anymore. It's time to learn the harder fights and attempt that stuff. I'll update if I get anything impressive down.

riddim wrote:
I just got this bad boy!

UberIzaro down at lvl 77 facetanking, still need to be carefull with 4600 HP + 3000armour but doable!

That is my dream belt! HP, Armour, tri-res, WED.... very nice!
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Gear setup

I also have 3 jewels with max hp, phys dmg, some ignite/added int, going for the 4th socket for more hp. Got all the HP nodes in the recommended, and the rest fire and phys dmg.

Level 85.

I cannot do the tier 15 maps (only tried Dark Forest). Still dying in Palace at tier 14 about once per run, either to some weird ass mobs or jumping too late from the boss' one shot.

I have about 6400 hp.

Any tips?

I have about 100c worth of currency to buy stuff. So no Xoph. Also dont have 1 trial so I cant farm Uber lab yet.
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Thanks for this guide, pretty cheap and easy to handle, buyed my carcass for 30 co and 6linked it with 49 fuses LOL, unbuffed in town cyclone is at 80k dps, on map with all passives skills, flask,golem+totem and vaal haste i reach almost 200k dps, taking uber izaro down in like 5-6 seconds in each phase, i have 5 exalts left, is there something left to improve? ele-refelct can be handled with a normal ruby flask if needed, rings with 30-40% elemental dmg improved my dmg unbuffed by 4-5k dps for each one, but i dont feel like i really need it right now :), took cheap rings for more life, here my gear:

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Check this out...

The tank passive with 114 points


if my math is correct gives

412% increased damage of various types
20% increased area of effect skills

72% IAS

118% increased armour

196% life / 3.8% life regen
140% life leech

Now I was thinking of trying to make the fire balls do as much damage as possible

I have this...


What this does is trade area damage and area of effect for projectile damage and speed

We end up with

371% increased damage of various types
71% of that is increased projectile damage
20% projectile speed (not sure if this makes a difference because of how the fire balls travel)

86% IAS

98% increased armour

201% increased life / 5.4% regen
158% life leech rate
12% movement speed

The trade is 112% increased damage from various types for 71% increased projectile damage.

We also lose 20% increased AOE..

But we also gain..
14% ias to make up for lost damage from various types.
5% more life
1.6% more life regen
18% more life leech rate
12% increased movement speed

I bolded the Stronger parts of each build. I'm not home to play around with my build but this might be worth testing...

Nvm, you end up losing so much int it's not worth it to have to make up for it in gear or straight 30 int nodes, and 71% projectile damage only added 500ish damage to the fire balls.
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edit: see above

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Hi guys,

quick update from the Hardcore front. :)

I managed to get to level 96 and then finally decided to try and switch to Xoph's Blood.
As I mentioned in my previous post, I was very reluctant to do that because I felt like reflect mobs were already scary enough. Well, I decided to try it anyways with a Purity of Fire for extra ensurance.

Then this happened:


This was even with Ruby Flask up. So I was at 86% Fire res.


Guess I am gonna try out a few bosses on standard now.
Will post my results here. :)

The results are in! :)

Every fight except Esh and Atziri I attempted for the first time EVER.
So my experience was limited to youtube videos and streams. :)

I will give my personal difficulty rating for the fights(1=easy to 10=hard):

Esh (Deathless) Difficulty: 4
Xoph (Deathless) Difficulty: 2
Tul (Deathless) Difficulty: 3
Uul Netol (Deathless) Difficulty: 2
Chayula (Deathless) Difficulty: 7

Minotaur (Deathless) Difficulty: 6
Chimera (Deathless) Difficulty: 4
Hydra (Deathless) Difficulty: 3
Phoenix (Deathless) Difficulty: 5

Atziri (Deathless) Difficulty: 2
Uber Atziri (1 Death at Trio, 2 at Atziri) Difficulty: 9
Shaper (Failed! Got to phase 3 deathless, then I got rekt!) Difficulty: 10

I can upload videos of the fights if anyone is interested.
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Anyone have good experience with Daressos or Belly?

I fixed reflect issues with Primeval Force + Sibyl's Lament. Trying to find some gloves with rarity to counter Sibyl's.

In terms of Primeval: go for more ignite or more weapon ele?
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i saw the edit,ty
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where do i get my intelligence
pandlings wrote:
where do i get my intelligence

on gear

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