[3.8 BUFFED] Demi's TWO MILLION+ DPS SAFESTLEMON Low Life Righteous Fire/Scorching Ray Guardian

Nice build!

also, how do you manage spell block? it feels low compare to attack block?
is it good for pvp too? sorry for noob question!
Can u open full/close to full legion monolith? Or not enough clear speed for it?
I apologize if this is a dumb question or I just missed it, but it seems you have Whispers of Doom in the tree but I only see one curse. What am I missing?
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So you suggest not for noobs/budget. Would it still be OK as a league start for a semi-experienced player?
updated to 3.8
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look at me my mirror gear does much damage very big hp good build
Blight Oil Passive:

Divine Judgement or Breath of Flames?

Have anyone play with these passive with Presence of Chayula?

updated to 3.8

Any chance you can tell us which node would be the best to annoint with the current talent tree pls?
hey, im following this build and lvl 70 at maps now but i cant sustain RF due to my ES regen per second skipping from about 390 to 1500, so im not sure what to do
This build uses legacy gears sigh... Wish I knew it before I started. Btw guys stop wasting your time this guy expects you to understand everything just by reading what he wrote on his builds.
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