[3.8 BUFFED] Demi's TWO MILLION+ DPS SAFESTLEMON Low Life Righteous Fire/Scorching Ray Guardian

new video guide: https://youtu.be/kzMpeSrkvZA

https://pastebin.com/zzRchFeL since you complained about energy shield loss i fixed it at no dps cost happy days.
You may wanna switch out Elemental Focus for Infused Channeling in your SR setup. That gives 49% more SR damage + 10% more (Vaal) RF damage + 8% less fire dmg taken from hits.

You also don't need a bleed flask if you get a currupted jewel with immunity to corrupting blood implicit. That opens up the suffix on your sulphur flask for a 3% life regen during flask effect craft, which is insanely powerfull. Essentialy giving you a sulhur flask that has 6% regen from cons ground + 3% regen from craft x 1.5 due to 50% es recovery rate = 13.5% regen from a single flask!

Oh, and don't forget the new Insightfulmess node which may be very good depending on the amount of mana you have.
Youtube "Fritso Vid" for Low Life Righteous Fire videos:
#1 Low Life Righteous Fire gear Mirror thread:
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Is this Hall of Grandmasters viable?
Newbie here, How do you keep the ES from degen? how did you reach 50% ES regen/sec? Running Life RF is fine but when I switch to ES. it's dropping fast.
How expensive this build is?
it really is the safestlemon
Is there an alternative for the shield? There's only been 5% reduced damage over time options.. Would Rise of the Pheonix / Prism be good alternatives?
for everyone that has problems with the regen:
- easiest and best solution but spending a bit of money -> Watcher's Eye with %increased Energy Shield Recovery Rate while affected by Discipline ( around 50-70c in Legion PC)
- get the Time of Need Ascendancy Point
- get a Stone Golem running
- pick all the health regen nodes you can get to ( Templar start, Jewel Socket at Scion, maybe even Warriors Blood -> pretty strong node but a little out of the way )
- for leveling: Shaper's Seed Amulet, Ephemereal Edge, Springleaf -> The Oak and Rise of the Phoenix later, this should get you in maps

( I leveled with Firestorm-Totems and switched to LL RF around lvl 70 after i did the passive skills and had enough regrets -> Rise of the Phoenix)

The Watcher's Eye is definitely the strongest boost for your Reg, after that you can respecc a lot of points

I hope this helps

P.S. you wont reach 16k ES on this build in League ( pure ES Stacking ), if you want to reach this level of ES you probably have to build a LL RF - Mana Guardian mix. Just check out Poe ninja
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What is the pantheon of gods?

This is my current gear. I find that this belt actually better than the one I have so I stuck with it. But 10.2k ES right now and Vaal RF dealing about 1.6 DoT DPS when activated. I know that I still need to add ES in my jewels, but is there anything else that I need to change/improve?

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