[3.4] LL Classic Summoner - Shaper/Elder/Guardian Farmer

bluedood444 wrote:
I really want to do a summoner for the upcoming 3.5 betrayal league, so is this build viable to do as a league starter? Also how much extra es should I shoot for on each item? Never done an es char before

the build is definitely viable as a leaguestarter, i did it in 4 different leagues now and the build did not get weaker.

even when you leaguestart on an ES based char i strongly recommend going life based in the beginning, especially while leveling. that includes picking life nodes on the tree and looking for some life rolls on gear. once i gathered some currency from doing low maps i buy some starter ES gear and do the transition. do not rush this, if you transition too early and now the only character you have in the league is that 1.5k ES summoner you will have a bad time.

the good thing with this ES build as a leaguestarter compared to other ES builds is that you do not need a lot of resists on your gear, so you can look for high ES pieces without needing resists at them at the same time, which is usually much cheaper. in a fresh league when transitioning i usually want to have the following things:

- reached around level 80
- Eye of Chayula (the non-upgraded version, very cheap)
- the Prism Guardian shield, if possivle with decent dexterity roll
- my bones of ullr boots
- a helmet with 200+ ES (remember that intelligence also gives ES)
- gloves with 160+ ES (i usually can snipe some 180s for cheap)
- 2 unset rings and a belt that together fix my dexterity and strength, if necessary i use jewels to help out with that. you do not need the +2/3 to level of socketed gems on the rings yet, while it is always nice to have, it's main use is to push purities to level 23, which we won't be able to do in the first days of the league anyway
- level 17+ versions of discipline (vaal discipline if possible) and all 3 purity auras, so make sure to level these before the transition! if you do not hit attribute requirements at some point just pick up some +30 nodes on the tree, you can respec them later
- a midnight bargain, rolls are not very important
- a 4linked Solaris Lorica with the socket colours BBRG (Raise Spectre - Minion Damage - Fire Penetration - GMP/Slower Proj). on average you need 65 chromatic orbs to hit those colours.

ES is a little low at this point (~3-4k), but still that setup enables me to comfortably progress through all the yellow maps (alched ofc) and possibly even the red maps, however i usually get some bigger upgrades before pushing into those. the first thing i look after is a shavronne's wrappings to replace my solaris lorica.
Back when Scriptorium Map was a T13 a friend of me who followed my guide after his own leaguestarter had failed used this exact gear setup to farm Scriptorium maps for his Shavronne's Wrappings (the map boss can drop "the Offering", a divination card that gives you a Shavronne's Wrappings).
Hi what you think about changing midnight bargain into united in dream cutlass
quamperek22 wrote:
Hi what you think about changing midnight bargain into united in dream cutlass

United in dream offers very little to this build. it grants almmost no dps increase per spectre (about 1%) and we would loose 1 of our 4 spectres. also we do not even have the mana/life to run the envy aura.

remember that poison can only be applied by chaos and phyiscal damage, our spectres deal almost exclusively fire damage.
Hey I noticed Discipline doesn't make it into the gems, is there just no room for it? I always though it was basically mandatory in ES builds but I haven't played PoE since like 3.0. I saw you talked about the ES changes in 3.0 and how the lower numbers are made up for in regen to some extent with Discipline and crafts, but then I didn't see it mentioned in gems now. I know Vaal Disc is great for panic but 220 flat ES and the extra recovery speed just seems so good to pass up

Also if it is used and I somehow missed that sorry for sucking at reading

Edit: I looked through some previous posts and saw you mention you do use it, so I guess my next question is where do you fit it?

Double Edit: Oh from what I understand, Vaal gems combined with regular gems, which is also QoL buff not needing a corrupted midnight bargain. I'll leave this post here just for future reference if other new returning guys like me come asking the same question.
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quamperek22 wrote:
Hi what you think about changing midnight bargain into united in dream cutlass

you could make use of UiD when doing a SRS / auramancer build.
Hello guys... im playing this build in this league but i need some advices... Of course i still dont have the proper gear but im getting trouble with survivavility.

How can i avoid poison damage... i die instantly because poison dont care energy shield it attack life directly... Same with other dmg i dont reconaigze yet, but i die sometimes instatly for this reason.

If you have already switch over to energy shield then you need to ware Solaris Lorica, if you ware that chaos damage does not bypass energy shield. Read the long post on top of this page (98). He give a nice amount of detail for what you should look for. Also I think you already now this but just for in case, chaos damage is poison damage. Also you should watch out for caustic ground it is chaos (poison) damage.
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Found Cannibal Fire-eaters in Barrows. Do they even spawn in Shore still?

Also, in Betrayal you can get a white socket in shavs at no risk by placing Vorici in Research. This lets us use controlled destruction for much higher DPS without sacrificing clear speed.
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Is it me or did they pastebin link disappear?
I'm playing this build. Just got to maps yesterday.
Maps are fine, bosses are fine, dps is fine, etc.
But, I'm getting killed over and over by Syndicate Fortification/Intervention.
Those guys just ignore my minions and kill my character.

Am I doing something wrong?
Should I get jewels with hinder/blind/taunt?

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