[3.4] LL Classic Summoner - Shaper/Elder/Guardian Farmer

vonmalken wrote:
I'm playing this build. Just got to maps yesterday.
Maps are fine, bosses are fine, dps is fine, etc.
But, I'm getting killed over and over by Syndicate Fortification/Intervention.
Those guys just ignore my minions and kill my character.

Am I doing something wrong?
Should I get jewels with hinder/blind/taunt?

What is your total ES? You can try Phase Run.
Hi xxWolf. Really nice build. I've been enjoying it so far.

What are your thoughts on using the 3 elemental resistance flasks now that they've changed them from adding +6 max res to giving 20% less damage taken? Is it still worth it considering that is going from what was effectively about 30% less damage to 20%?

Edit: just realized you address this in the introduction at the top of the build, although you don't really give any conclusions. Had a chance to test it yet?
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Hey man I was looking at theory crafting my own build next league with midnight bargain, found one with Prism and decided to see how many Aura,s I could squeeze. Then decided to search and stumbled on this beautiful thread lol. I will 100% make this my league starter-as far as I can go next league. I just have to ask 1 thing.

Do you think the Increased effect of aura nodes outweigh the minion damage/life/speed nodes. If i respec all the ones that do not give less mana then I can easily get the Spiritual Command and Sacrifice nodes. I just don't know if it's more efficient. What's your opinion on it?

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