[3.4] LL Classic Summoner - Shaper/Elder/Guardian Farmer

is the tree still the same for 3.3???

Do you plan on updating the guide?
Still loving the build.

3.3 changes I haven't seen noted yet:
Combustion support if linked to zombie/stone golem it will boost spectre damage by 10% when zombies ignite an enemy; In helm I would use zombie, golem, minion life and combustion.

Didnt see any changes to tree
I would really love to see this guide updated for 3.4. I loved playing this build back in the day.
Updated the guide for 3.4 - at least as good as i could with the information we have, i will keep updating once more stuff gets revealed. Sorry for my absence during 3.3, the lack of changes to the build (or minions in general) in incursion caused me to try out some other stuff while having this build as a backup plan (which was not required, since lightning spire trap turned out to be as crazy as i anticipated). But back to summoning now! I will leaguestart with zombies, potentially transitioning into spectres once zombie's stupidity made me bang my head at a wall. ^^
Tree still is not updated. All from 3.3
Just as an information, I tried to change in the URL adress for the passive skill tree from 3.3.2 in 3.4 and the updated tree with the passives allocated showed up. I'm not sure if it's as the author of the guide planned the tree but it's something for now.
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Again not enough changes to minion AI... Seems that is a bite indi companies can't really take. Bite size summoning league yet again!!!

To much min maxing for end game... To much currency investment to be able to do soemthing that other ascendancys can do for 1-4 ex :D Ridicules !!!

Guardian Dancing duo Meme continues... Its silly how one item can out perform whole god damn build.
JustMane wrote:

Why you spamming? Not even a similar build...7k life?
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Hey! I'm following a hybrid of this guide and an older version, but my question comes about Energy Shield


The Delve character, Jubite, has gotten to near endgame gear but I noticed her ES is still only ~5,700 with Discipline (4489 w/out)

Am I missing something glaring regarding my lack of ES? Is it solely talents at this point for the ES bumps? I know the amulet would help but I still feel lower than I should

Thanks in advance
Also place one "Energy from within" Jewel next to the "Melding" Wheel.

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